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    Amazon Delivery Drivers

    They don't care. All you can do is vote with your feet. Go else where. Bring back Marina on the tills!
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    The Documentary

    You didn't want to buy the scrapyard, you were SOLD it. Thanks Auntie.
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    Can you name an episode where???

    Tony Capstick (don't know his police name) asked how to spell Nicaragua. They settled for Cuba in the end.
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    The Documentary

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    Cafe Lights

    They can be seen at twilight on the Beaties webcam. Via a friend who knows the owner, we have been offered the opportunity to visit Seymours House & take some photos, probably go on our visit early next year.
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    Amazon Delivery Drivers

    It's going the same way with supermarket checkouts. Very few 'manned' tills. I refuse to do self service & will wait in the queue. They'll have you stacking the shelves next!
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    Rose & Crown

    We haven't been in the boot n shoe, but this new info will make us give it a visit some time.
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    Amazon Delivery Drivers

    For that 'light bulb' moment Barry, your annual bonus is guaranteed. I'm glad that I am now out of the rat race.
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    Locations: As they are today

    I do agree. Better than being boarded up, we need local shops.
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    Locations: As they are today

    Compo's tailors (mouse) window. Then & now. Yet another gift & coffee shop.
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    How do YOU view the forums / website?

    I 'spect Barry's Maxi engine would slot in nicely somewhere, been lying in the back of the shed for a while, soon have the old girl fired up, sweet as a nut she'll be.
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    Pub Names

    Playing at being Ludovic today with our camper! On the lane opposite the Wills'o'nats. "It's what predisposed me to buying the vehicle"
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    One of the episodes

    I'd say the 164 is for diesel. The 185 says 4star But I'm stuck with the 40.8 unless that's for paraffin or lpg? We would be metric by that date so it's a bit confusing. Anyone know the location?
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    How do YOU view the forums / website?

    I only have the mobile phone to use. Feel free to chip in if you feel sorry for me:Merry Christmas
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    53°34'02.6"N 1°44'09.3"W

    Sorry your thread got GATEcrashed Barry.