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    Title songs

    Can you name a UK, TV series, where the the Title of the show is included with the tile song i.e. Only Fools and Horses, One Foot in the Grave, May to December.
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    jokes bad or otherwise.

    What do you call an Alien who eats too much cheese, egg yolks and animal fat? An extra-cholesterol. I accidently rubbed herbs in my eyes earlier, Now I'm parsley sighted. To whoever stole my glasses, I WILL find you, I have contacts. Argentina is surprisingly cold, In fact, it's bordering on...
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    That Would Hurt

    They did things, even the S.A.S. would not do!
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    First of The Summer Wine.

    My wife watches it regularly, i cannot get the same enjoyment out of it.
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    That Would Hurt

    When Compo fell backwards down the steps in the deckchair, trying to woo Nora Batty.
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    Smart Meter

    Another new thing, that Compo doesn't have to worry about is, his credit rating, how far below Zero would it be?
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    Smart Meter

    Compo, probably had foreign coins and metal washers in his coin slot meter, that's why they cut him off so much.
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    Smart Meter

    Do you think Compo, would have benefited from a Smart Meter, or was it cheaper for him to have his 'leccy' cut off?
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    Christopher Beeny

    Very sad news, we had met him after a show at the Grand Theatre Blackpool, and he had a lot of time for his fans and will be sadly missed.
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    To all Our Members

    To all members have a merry Christmas and a very good New Year.
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    Gentle Comedies

    Had some good laughs watching these: Rising Damp, Waiting For God, Mind Your Language and Heartburn Hotel.
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    LOTSW Catchphrases

    Billy Hardcastle: You know me, I laugh at danger!
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    Brenda as Miss Marple

    Or, Auntie Wainwright's - Castor Oil.
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    Brenda as Miss Marple

    I remember that too, Glenda or Brenda played Miss Marple very well, it was in the same theatre that we saw Pearl (Juliette Kaplan) in a stage play, after watching them on the TV for years, it was great watching them on stage.
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    Brenda as Miss Marple

    How very true, eventually i'll get it right or wrong.