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    Travel to Homfirth

    Actually Marianna, I didn't find them all that challenging. Most of them were in Scotland though.:cafe:
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    Travel to Homfirth

    I rented a car when I was over there, but I knew I would be doing a lot of travelling, not just to Holmfirth. The one I got was an automatic and I am glad I did. While I am quite comfortable with a manual gearbox (stick shift) AND the driving setup was basically the same as here (drive on...
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    Picture test

    Worked Ok for me....a bit slow getting to the page. Then presented with a thumbnail, double clicked and up it came!
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    One of my set Video's #1

    Peri & Terry.......did you REALLY think I didn't know???? I am upset now!!:cry2::cry2::cry2::cry2::cry2::cry2::cry2: :p
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    One of my set Video's #1

    You know, for the life of me, I cannot work out what episode this is from!:fp:
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    Just 10 years ago

    Petrol prices vary wildly here on a day to day basis. During last years height of the "plague" it dropped to below $1/litre (about 55p)for the first time in years, but it has gone back up again now and averages about $1.35/L (about 74p), but I paid over $1.50 the other day (82p). Other States...
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    Possible Idea relate to the "What to watch" thread

    After posting my last re watching YouTube travel videos I had a glimmer of an idea. I don’t know if anyone would be interested, or can make suggestions on how to work it, but I thought I would throw the idea out there and see if floats or vanishes without trace. This site has members from all...
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    Something to view in lockdown

    I have been "travelling" during recent month or so. Here in West Oz we have been pretty lucky re Covid and overall it has been more of a minor inconvenience here than in most other places. (reasons why are varied and include controversial political matters so I won't go into them.) We have had...
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    Tea mugs.

    Peri, your weak tea story reminds me of when I was at Uni. At the time we lived in the country, so I moved in with my bachelor Uncle who resided in Perth, our capital city. In those days you could get "instant" instant coffee. (Horrible stuff it was) He also liked his tea very weak...
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    Blamire’s badges

    By pure chance, I happen to know a little bit about the Signal Corps......well the Royal Australian Corps of Signals specifically. A good mate of mine was in Signals in Vietnam and later became the President of the West Australian branch of the R.A. Signals Association. Several years ago I...
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    Blamire’s badges

    Royal Corps of Signals.
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    Driving conditions

    The thing I always find amusing is the new "smart" road system that are popping up everywhere. If there is one thing I have learned over the years is that a "smart" road will always be trumped (CARD REFERENCE only) by a DUMB driver.
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    Driving conditions

    I have said it before and I say it again ALWAYS drive as if everyone is trying to KILL YOU, because if you give them half a chance THEY WILL!!!!!
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    Luther Hobdyke 3rd Man

    I must admit I too am in the minority here in that I actually LIKE the later episodes and after a period of being a bit "Bleh" about Hobbo, once he got a handle on the character I quite liked him too! I agree that his episodes are more "gentle" than a lot before him (As were the Seymour...
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    There are a few "oddities" like that Terry, as you know. The introduction of Alvin had a similar "problem" and if I remember correct, even Seymour went from unknown to fellow schoolmate albeit only for a short time. I think it is basically a new character coming in for initially perhaps only one...