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    Brain activity

    I dont remember it but there again I cant remember anything, but have found it on you tube and will watch it later
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    2020 Holmfirth Calendar

    If you cant get any club together and make your own am sure you will have enough photographs? I make my own and have done for the last 10 years at a local printers. But dont leave it too late.
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    scarborough,, a new tv comedy series

    I watched part of it and it raised about as many laughs with me as the later shows of Benidorm which wasnt many, but will watch it again see if it gets better, we live in hope! I have no idea what the connection was to LOSW?
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    Cricket and the Ashes

    and maybe not but at least they fought all the way.....
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    Who is it ?

    Maltrab I was a dedicated cig smoker and dabbled with a pipe in my 20s and after the pipe went out which was quite often I would roll a cig! I was 38 and still a smoker before a serious heart attack saved me from the weed! I think without a heart attack I would still be smoking today, now I...
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    Cricket and the Ashes

    Stokes out for 1 we are doomed.
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    Who is it ?

    I didnt know who it was but the hand in the pocket should have jolted my brain he was photogrpahed and filmed many times with his hand in his pocket, possibly for his matches as pipes used more matches than they did tobacco.
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    Boogie woogie from Brendon Kavanagh

    These piano players are having lots of hits on you tube
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    For Railways fans

    Grosmont chimneys on top 2011
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    Cricket and the Ashes

    I think a match over 5 days should go and just play 1 day limited over matches that are far more entertaining! We could have best of 5 test matches in each venue.
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    ITV's all male comedy writing ban

    Rick I think there no chance of that happening the uk is politically correct bonkers, am glad I have lived through a time when these kind of absurd things wouldnt have even been thought of, strange thing is they are making things worse as to me those ideas sound sexist.
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    the famous steps from a different angle

    Good photo nice to see the steps from a different view.
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    Tea Time questions.

    sounds like just the place for me and peri! :p:p