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    Quickfire Question #29

    Getting Sam Home?
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    What is Your favourite

    There's not many to choose from! I can only think of a handful of episodes filmed at night
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    Talking Heads

    I think Jean Alexander would have been brilliant in one, she was an amazing straight actress. The scenes she filmed when her husband, Stan died in Corrie were awesome. I also think Brian Wilde would have been excellent, I thought he was the best male actor in the entire series, he always...
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    Is this a mistake not noticed?

    This is straight from the Roy Clarke interview on the Summer Winos page! Lots of people seem unware that the name Compo doesn’t evoke compost, but compensation. It’s how he made his money to live on. No, a lot of people don’t spot that, but it was a common saying in my area. ‘Oh, he’s on the...
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    All That Glitters Is Not Elvis

    I heard someone sum this up succinctly the other day, saying 'we're moving into a very beige world of entertainment' with political correctness going into overdrive. We're going to become like Albania where they banned everything except Norman Wisdom films as the authorities felt anything else...
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    Our Second Wave.

    This is a very sad post, but summarises perfectly the disturbing situation we find ourselves in, I'm also avoiding holidays for the same reason, I don't want the social distancing measures to sully the memory of places I'd usually love in normal times. I'm just longing for the day when life can...
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    All That Glitters Is Not Elvis

    I'd guess it was probably Prawn, that's the favoured put down in many episodes!
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    Talking Heads

    Here you go Pearl, it's on Dailymotion
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    Talking Heads

    I wasn't that keen on the Martin Freeman one of the episodes I've seen, Alan Bennett himself played the character in the original, and he was much more believable as the character IMO. The Thora Hird ones are utterly outstanding, the second one is extremely poignant
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    Talking Heads

    Waiting for The Telegram, she won the BAFTA best actress for both. I've attached a link for the other one here
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    Talking Heads

    The official reason they're not remaking her monologues is the directors are not able to use actors over the age of 70, I reckon if LOTSW had lasted until now the current situation would have ended the series for good.
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    Quickfire Question #25

    The Defeat Of The Stoneworm?
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    Quickfire Question #24

    What Happened To The Horse?
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    Talking Heads

    The BBC has remade the original Talking Heads monologues from the late 80's and the ones I've seen are absolutely outstanding well worth a watch, they're currently all on the BBC iPlayer. I'm ashamed to say I've never seen these before, but the only two not to be remade are the ones which Thora...
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    Quiz night suggestion for Zoom with friends.

    Or the only actor to appear in every single episode?