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    Summer Wine Decanted

    Is that you and Leigh risking life and limb to bring us a Christmas serving of your vintage decanted summer wine?
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    Can you from this #001

    Getting on Sidneys Wire?
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    What is the Connection Between

    Got it! They all appeared in the same post on the forum!
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    Wilko the Sequel

    I've just spotted that very shop in an episode, does anyone else know which one it featured in fleetingly ?
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    What is the Connection Between

    They were all in successful bands, erm perhaps apart from Jonathan. I'll get my coat..........
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    Bridget Forsyth

    Poor Gastric will be sad
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    Who Else

    I’m not home this weekend as I’m down south where there is no snow just rain. But looking it appears that’s it’s been snowing at home!
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    Old Newspapers or Magazine

    Yes that was the one I was referring to, it was called Deep In The Heart of Yorkshire. I’m guessing some of the members on here may have subscribed? A chap at the 50th was telling me it just suddenly stopped without notice even though some had already paid for their subscriptions in advance.
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    Old Newspapers or Magazine

    Wow ! Am I right in thinking the Dragon was essentially the same as the BBC machines used in schools in the 80’s?
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    Hold the remote

    Good point, glad I didn't go on it then!!!!!
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    Hold the remote

    Tricky one, but I find the pace of life much more agreeable to me with the latter episodes. I'd probably like to be a guest at the wedding in How Not To Cry at weddings as it seems a happy occasion and it'd be good way to say goodbye to the characters. I'd also loved to have found out where...
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    Happy Saint Andrew's Day

    I never thought they were an animal, but you know a lot more than me so I've sent a fiver towards getting them onto the endangered list.
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    Old Newspapers or Magazine

    Deep In The Heart Of Yorkshire sadly......
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    I've not seen your posts in ages, 'owdo! good to see you back!
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    Eternal Laws of Summerwineland...

    What about spokey dokeys who remembers them? Little plastic beads that went on each spoke and made a wonderful sound/bloody racket dependent on the age of the listener…….