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    I have Found it

    I'm guessing then that garden centre in Cambridge won't get an entry in the sacred LOTSW wine map?
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    "Say when"......

    @MoodyBlue you're like a Scouse Cleggy, a deep thinker who comes up with many of life's unanswerable quandaries :p:p:p I'm not bright enough to come up with a lucid explanation, but I do recall what a doctor said, when asked by his patient "if I give up Drink, smoking and sugar will I live...
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    Sadly I think I'm a bit late to the party on this one, unless you can get to Woking before Saturday the tour looks to be over
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    I wouldn't mind watching this but from what I can deduce on the interweb this tour ends on 25/6? Is there more dates?
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    And question of the day does anyone know where that cobbled hill where the bike is pushed up is?
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    Marina and Dusty Springfield

    ...Now you mention it. She also has a look of Diana Doors about her too.
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    I was quite cynical of this ad until I saw it was 'highly recommended by medical men' so I've now put in an order for half a dozen as you can't argue with science.
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    Hopefully not too near the knuckle, but I saw this in Viz many years ago and wondered if Nora was perhaps moonlighting??
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    You read my mind Graham!!!! I think that's an XR3 the favoured choice of Yuppies & getaway drivers alike!!!!
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    Gentle Comedies

    I went to see Heartbeat the play at the theatre a few years ago, it had a handful of the cast and it was surprisingly good!
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    You are never too old

    Lovely part of the world @MoodyBlue did you get chance to visit Llandudno whilst there?
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    One careful owner..

    As a matter of interest does anyone know why different cars were used for her, was it simply a case of the owners no longer allowing the series to use it so a substitute had to be found?
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    You are never too old

    Hi CC, yes I have thanks, have to say I abandoned it half way though, it's only very loosely based on his life so I found it quite disappointing. What did you think of it?
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    You are never too old

    Panic on The Streets of Timperley! I'd forgotten what an absolute legend he was, time to change my profile pic....
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    Bright Future

    Truly & The Hole Truth?