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    who was happy...and who is happy....

    What about the wives of Billy, Entwistle, Compo, Smiler, Truly, and Cleggy who were never seen.
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    Something unusual about the area you live in

    I live in Fairfax County, Virginia (USA) which was formed in 1742 and named after Thomas Fairfax, 6th Lord Fairfax of Cameron, the only member of the member of the British nobility to reside in the colonies on an estate called Belvoir Manor. The cousins, Lord Fairfax (Belvoir) and Lord Fairfax...
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    Travel to Homfirth

    OF COURSE, the one problem with renting a car is the CHALLENGE of driving on the left. But aside from that small problem, all the above information sounds good.
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    Cast Remembered

    The main point of Crusher's character was his size. Well, Jonathan Linsley had lost a lot of weight, so there wasn't any way he could appear as Crusher. But yes, he could have just been in the church during the funeral. Who knows why some of these decisions are made. Maybe it was the Suits.
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    Walk in showers

    Yes, here in the US they have walk-in bathtubs with showers. There is a door so you can just walk in and then once you're in, just close the door that has a no-leak tight seal. There is also a seat, so you're don't have to sit all the way down in the tub. As far as the cost, it is probably in...
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    School and language. Major moan.

    I took all of the standard math and science classes in high school and college and yet the metric system was NEVER addressed. Yes, an eighth grade test sort of physics class that strangely involved using beads as a measurement on a scale, but no metric system education. My first introduction to...
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    COVID Vaccine.

    I had my first shot a couple of weeks ago. There were no lines and everyone was pleasant, quick, and efficient. They even let my hubby come in with me which was a surprise and they offered all sort of assistance. No side effects except for the tiniest twinge in the arm.
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    Cast Remembered

    I could be wrong, but I think that the answer is yes. So how many reservoirs are there in that general area? Isn't the one they always used was sort of a rectangle shape? It had to have a gentle slope so Compo could come out of the water, be catapulted over the hill and shock the picnickers.
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    Cast Remembered

    This was in one of the earlier episodes with Tom. He was standing with Truly and Cleggy at a spot overlooking the reservoir, and they were reminiscing about the time Compo tried to waterski.. And this was actually in an episode. It was pretty funny. Compo ended up surprising some picnickers.
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    Cast Remembered

    Well, it's possible that it is tradition to not write stories about the demise of cast members. So if Roy were to write such a script what would he write? He did write about the passing of Compo. And then there were the departures: Nora suddenly going to Australia, Foggy going to paint, Seymour...
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    Day's out

    Please don't worry! Pick a lovely, sunny, breezy day and go out for a nice walk. Listen to the birds sing and watch the squirrels. Despite everything, there is nothing like enjoying a nice day.
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    Day's out

    Well, this morning my hubbie had to get his AIC (diabetic reading) done. And this afternoon was a visit to the chiropractor. Tomorrow he has to go get a picture of his retina. Yesterday he bought some long awaited and very necessary hearing aids. Recently, I had an x-ray done of both knees. And...
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    Summer Rain

    That one where Foggy goes to Wales to see his girlfriend, they are out of the car and trying to read the map. It is not actually raining but it looks like it's going to. There are black menacing clouds in the distance and the wind is starting to blow.
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    Another day

    Oh my goodness! Did anyone actually say reach the toenails, much less do funny pictures on them? Only the girl down at the mani-pedi shop can reach my toenails. And I'm an old stick in the mud, no funny pictures on my toenails, they look funny enough without them!
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    How do you watch yours????

    Many thanks to WETA UK, a public channel that runs lots of Brit Wit and MPT, a public channel both of which run LOTSW. Not into DVDs or any of those other initials. Also on WETA UK, they have Brit Wit foreign TV shows night on Tuesdays. These are foreign TV shows (with subtitles) that are...