What's your favourite episode?

Discussion in 'Members Question Time' started by Ch74, Sep 22, 2016.

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  1. Emma

    Emma Well-Known Member

    More than a year later, I found this post. Hope it's not too late to chime in.

    It's too difficult to pick just one episode, but the ones that are the most memorable for me are the trilogy honoring Compo's passing: Elegy For Fallen Wellies, Surprise at Throstlenest, and Just a Small Funeral. Those three shows were filled with bittersweet, humorous touches. The cars, accompanied by Marina on her bicycle, traveling up the road to see the living "See ya Compo" sign, brought me close to tears; Nora talking about the smile on Compo's face, Barry giving the middle finger (an obscene gesture) to the bike rider, and Reggie Unsworth bringing up the rear of the funeral procession on her tractor, were laugh out loud funny. There was such a blend of emotion in those three episodes, and they made for a great tribute to Bill Owen.
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  2. Emma

    Emma Well-Known Member

    It is a Beech Nut Gum dispenser.
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  3. Adrian Morris

    Adrian Morris Member

    All Mod Conned for me. Most of the episode just features the trio. A great script.
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  4. William Egan

    William Egan New Member

    Tough question!
    I love 'Getting Sam Home' so probably that. I think the Scarborough two-parter, 'The Mysterious Feet of Nora Batty' and 'The Changing Face of Rural Blamire' are right up there as well.
  5. Maggie Jones

    Maggie Jones Well-Known Member

    I can't pick a favourite because as I said previously I keep changing my mind. But I've started to realise that a long running series like LOTSW provides younger people with a view on how we lived here 40 years ago and a reminder to older people of how things were. It's like a social commentary on how Britain has changed. An example came to me this week watching an early episode on Drama. The cafe looks so 'basic' like many were and there's a machine on the wall selling something I can't quite make out. But it reminded me of the chewing gum and cigarette machines you'd often find in cafes.
    That's just a small example. I'm sure there's 100s if we look carefully. Sid's fish and chip van is another example. We had one around here. Anybody else think of more?
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  6. dick

    dick Well-Known Member

    Seen and noted Captain! Wonder if we can spot anymore??:confused:
  7. captain clutterbuck

    captain clutterbuck Well-Known Member

    Whilst I enjoy the episode it isn't my favourite but wanted to check if anyone else noticed the gag in Happy Birthday Robin Hood .I have to say I have seen the episode several times but never spotted it until today . When Truly , Billy and Howard go to Aunties to return the "Adventure Kit" I spotted that the Gorilla from " The Man who invented Yorkshire Funny Stuff " in one corner of the Shop with a for sale one careful owner sign around its neck .

    I wonder if the gag came from the pen of Roy Clarke or its one of the prop people just having a laugh [ of course the episode features one of Ronnie Hazelhurst's incidental music gags. When Billy and Howard carry the box out of the shop he plays a bit of Right said Fred by Bernard Cribbins which is just brilliant]
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  8. Two of my favorites are 'The Most Powerful Eyeballs in West Yorkshire' (Foggy hypnotises himself) and 'Ironing Day' (I'd like to try some of Auntie Wainwright's special wine!)
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  9. Adanor

    Adanor Well-Known Member

    If you move the time period back to between WWI and WWII, women were not expected to work (upon getting married), and there were probably one or more wives who were quietly (or not so quietly) anxious about their husband when he was slightly late or otherwise absent -- since they knew that if the marriage fell apart they would be up the creek without a paddle. So I'm sure that the public hand wringing occurred.
  10. Maggie Jones

    Maggie Jones Well-Known Member

    I can't choose a favourite episode as I keep changing my mind about it! I've got favourite incidents from episodes but I must admit that I found Glenda and Barry's plots and attitudes got sillier as the series progressed. Glenda was frequently crying over Barry's alleged affairs /disappearances etc and I found/find that her character is completely out of touch with women of around her age. Also the fact that she didn't need to or want to work is unusual for women of our generation
    I can't think that she is representative of our generation whereas the older women were probably more representative of their generation. I'd far prefer Howard and Pearl's input - far funnier and dynamic.
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  11. Electrical Entwistle

    Electrical Entwistle Well-Known Member

    Hard to choose just one. The episode with Howard's New Van was a classic, but so were many others, like the Christmas Special with Compo dancing on the roof. :)
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  12. amos hames

    amos hames Well-Known Member

    When you take a good bite. Yorkshire tastes terrible . A fine episode from the Seymour era which my favourite clegg plays a great lead role. And the Bandit from Stoke On Trent for the obvious reason hence my username
  13. Andrew D

    Andrew D Well-Known Member

    Regarding Barry and Glenda, I think their unusual (for the depicted culture) relationship helped to all-the-more emphasize and contrast the particulars of the BattleAxe women. The contrast in the ladies' discussions of marriage etc showing how they did not understand nor agree despite their close bonds of friendship made it all the more comical, and gave the audience something stronger to anchor to in identifying ourselves with it.
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  14. captain clutterbuck

    captain clutterbuck Well-Known Member

    I simply could not pick a favourite . I agree to an extent about Barrie and Glenda, I suppose in the context of the other couples and the way the ladies trained their men to be obedient and totally under control , Barrie and Glenda's relationship offered a contrast to that traditional view and initially represented " the new way". However, Roy Clarke never took it far enough away from the old " Husband works as the breadwinner Wife doesn't work and looks after the family home " which is as you say Maggie dates it terribly when you look at modern life .

    I suppose when Ivy, Nora , Edie and Pearl took every opportunity to sow the seeds of doubt in Glenda's mind that what Barrie did or what Glenda allowed him to do would only lead to him being involved with another woman would make Glenda insecure . I suppose Roy Clarke was effectively trying to show that the older ladies were saying it is their way or no way in the context of marriage and they railed against the change that Glenda and Barrie represented.
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  15. Maggie Jones

    Maggie Jones Well-Known Member

    I agree with Andrew D about picking a favourite episode. I keep changing my mind after viewing some more episodes.

    I have to admit a soft spot for Truly as he differed from Foggy and Seymour in that he had a more 'wicked' sense of humour to the other two. He loved setting Howard up and I did enjoy his antics, but that's not to say I didn't enjoy the other two. I think all the characters brought something to the series but I have to say I thought Barry and Glenda's character's got a bit silly for my liking with Glenda 'over-worried' about Barry. Their characters seemed to be weak in comparison to the older generation and a little dated as Glenda never appeared to work - unusual for a woman of her generation and too much time on her hands to worry about Barry all the time. But perhaps you"ll see it differently to me.
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  16. Andrew D

    Andrew D Well-Known Member

    Know what, there are so many WONDERFUL episodes, I don't think I can narrow it down to even ten. In fact, even twenty would be tough.
  17. amos hames

    amos hames Well-Known Member

    When you take a good bite Yorkshire tastes terrible
  18. simonite

    simonite Well-Known Member

    I am with Marianna on this of Funerals and Fish :cool:
  19. BruceC

    BruceC Well-Known Member

    I've got many years of episodes left to watch though!
  20. barmpot

    barmpot Well-Known Member

    Full Steam Behind as filmed very near to where I live and Crums - because I am a CRUM, third place an episode somewhere between nos 1 - 295
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