Red Dwarf for Captain Clutterbuck & other officianados

Brian Johns

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Take 2! ;)

I have now seen 4 episodes of this new series and I must confess some disappointment. There is definitely an element missing...there is no SPARK!
The cat is trying hard, Rimmer is OK (barely), Kryten is all over the place and Lister is still phoning his performance in.

The episodes so far have all had the right elements and potential but to my mind have fallen flat. Is it my imagination or do the actors just seem bored????:thumbsdown:
I can understand your viewpoint however I have still enjoyed what I have seen so far there is some great pieces of genuine humour where I have laughed out loud. Craig Charles as Lister has lost something but with his schedule of two radio DJ shows per week and loads of personal appearances DJing in clubs perhaps acting has now been placed on the back burner in favour of his DJ career .

I don't think they have skimped on the sets , the flight deck on the ship they board in Give and Take doesn't look like a cheap "Carry On" set like Carry on Loving where they grabbed some dumped Computer equipment for the Bliss Dating Agency .

At series 11 perhaps Doug Naylor is struggling with ideas . I personally would have liked to see a Holly Character, I don't think it would be Norman Lovett after he blotted his copy book somewhat by leaving and then putting Hattie Hayridge down in the press after he filmed series 7 and 8 but there was nothing to stop them putting in a new person . The little vignettes in the earlier series with Holly were a great part of the show maybe that's one of the sparks you feel is missing .

Brian Johns

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Yes Captain I too have also thought that Holly was definitely a "missing" factor. I agree that the sets,CGI, script etc are all fine and in some cases excellent and I am not aware of Craig Charles' other activities as they don't get down here. (I know that he is (was??) in Coronation Street but that is about it) BUT... there is no energy in the show.....doesn't stop me watching it though. I thought the Rimmer Barbershop quartet was quite funny! a little reminiscent of the Rimmer "Munchkin" song which had me in stitches when I first saw it and still raises a smile! (sad to say but I know the whole song off by heart:08:)


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I agree the sets and CGI look really good. Was thinking it would be nice if one of the Holly's or Kochanski would make an appearance.
I thought the Rimmer Barbershop quartet was quite funny!
The episode just aired , thought the idea of using a 3D printer to print out the crew when a ship was in trouble was excellent and then when the printer jammed to then eventually print out the crew member with his face effectively on top of his head was really funny . I enjoyed Rimmer's temporary promotion and the segregation he installed on the ship , the idea of the club and the barber shop Rimmers was good but we had Rimmer World in a previous series this was the same concept albeit the versions of Rimmer were different but is it a sign that Doug Naylor is struggling for ideas

Brian Johns

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Series 12 has just started! :03: My thoughts on Ep1............Not brilliant, but OK

As an aside has anyone else seen "The Orville" &/or "Star Trek Discovery"?

I have seen 3 eps of "Discovery". I don't think I will watch any more, I just don't like it!:(
as for "Orville", seen all 5 to date. It is not great but I may keep watching as there is nothing else on.

I have also been watching "Bad Move". Haven't had a laugh yet, but it is harmless enough.:confused2:


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Thanks for the heads up, Brian. I will keep an eye out for RD 12 episodes to show up.

I have not heard of any of the ones you have mentioned. Will look into The Orville and possibly Discovery. Have you seen the show Hyperdrive ? It has Nick Frost, Miranda Hart, Kevin Eldon, Petra Massey amongst others in it. I found it fairly funny.

Brian Johns

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I don't know where/when RD is on TV yet. I am assuming it is on somewhere as I "acquired" it online.

As for the other 2, they are "on air" (at least in USA) at the moment.

I have seen all the Hyperdrive episodes. I am afraid, like "bad move" I didn't get a laugh out of it. There is nothing wrong with the show itself, it just didn't tickle MY funny bone very much.
Red Dwarf Series 12 starts on Dave at 21:00 UK time on Thursday 12th October followed by a new series of Zapped starring our very own Louis Emerick . I also noted that the BBC decided to proceed with a series of Porridge starring Kevin Bishop as the internet savvy Nigel "Fletch" Fletcher who is Fletcher's grandson that airs on BBC 1 at 21.30 UK time Friday the first episode was last night I have yet to view but I always believe classics should remain untouched[ Open Hours personally is a case in point] even though Clement and LeFrenais are writing the new incidence of the show . I will temper my opinion until I watch it but I don't hold out great hope.

Brian Johns

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Captain, I saw the Pilot for Porridge some time ago and have just watched ep1 of the actual series.
I have to say that while not as good as the original it isn't actually "bad".
They have moved the story forward to todays time period and the Fletcher in the show is the grandson (??) of the original.

The writing and acting is very reminiscent of the original while not being exactly a direct copy.

I haven't heard of the show "Zapped" (Just the 2 movies of that name), will keep an eye out for it.


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Brian (or any others interested) have you seen the show from the Sci-Fi channel called The Expanse ? It has quickly become one of my favorites. They have two seasons out on dvd already and are working on filming the third soon.

I agree Hyperdrive is not as great as Red Dwarf. It filled the void for me of waiting for series 11 of the Dwarf.

Brian Johns

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Rick....not only seen it, but got all the books!!!!
The series is good but read the books for all the REAL detail. The first one is VERY spooky, after that they settle down to more conventional SCI-FI,
but the 2 series to date are basically BOOK 1 and there is a LOT of background stuff that doesn't make it to the screen!


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I am part way through the second book now :21:. I have the books and both seasons on DVD's. The books do help to explain a lot of the many finer details. Love the use of actual Newtonian physics in space. Plus, the gritty detective noir vibe make excellent atmosphere.

I happened across the show as a fluke. Saw a youtube video title claiming best space ship combat scene ever. I thought, yeah right, I'll bite and see what it is. Turned out to be where the Rocinante was in combat with the stealth ship circling around the space station with the asteroid cannon. I was Wow, got to find out more about this!


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Red Dwarf is for me always watchable for the palpable bond that exists between the regulars that shines through, the scripts aren't as good as previously on the whole but their chemistry sees it through.