Peter Sallis' Grave as of 18 September 2017


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I walked up from the Holmfirth town center this morning to take a look at it. Thank goodness the church was open; I needed to sit down and rest after the walk.

Than up the stepped path to the two graves just as the sky brightened a bit.

As you can see, a blanket of turf has been laid over the raw earth, but the soil is still settling so no headstone yet, just the funeral home's temporary marker. All in good time.
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Thank you Marianna. Very nice picture.

Did not realize it is a temporary marker until I scrolled down to read what you wrote. I was admiring it for it's clean, honest simplicity. Now that I have typed that it occurs why that stone is better for longevity. May the stone worms never come across your marker Peter.
Thank you for posting Marianna you clearly expended some effort to reach the churchyard which is very much appreciated to show us the progress with "Cleggy's final resting place" . There are the remnants of fresh flowers which must have been placed well after the interment lets hope the grave is kept in a condition befitting the man who brought us joy and pleasure not only through LOTSW but as the voice of Wallace in the Wallace and Gromit films.