Old Fogies Outing.

Discussion in 'Chat about anything non Summer Wine' started by Pearl, Jul 13, 2017.

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  1. Adanor

    Adanor Well-Known Member

    Do they still have some of "those" postcards or is that like taking coal to Newcastle?
  2. Adanor

    Adanor Well-Known Member

    Have fun and relax. Visit some of those spots which have the best views.
  3. Andrew D

    Andrew D Well-Known Member

    Oh, you lucky, lucky bugger, you! :18:
  4. amos hames

    amos hames Well-Known Member

    I'm back in Holmfirth in 3 weeks, Cant wait
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  5. Pearl

    Pearl Super Moderator Staff Member

    I make the offer every time I go, I think its nice for people to have a little bit of what they enjoy. :12:
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  6. Andrew D

    Andrew D Well-Known Member

    Now, THAT is indeed a wonderfully kind offer, especially since I imagine even most of the younger cast will be gone by the time I make it over there....
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  7. Marianna

    Marianna Well-Known Member

    I, too, hope to collect some more Holmfirth postcards while I'm there in the autumn, as well as making more photos. Weather permitting, I plan to take the bus to Holme for photos of the school building and the entrance to the park before taking a stroll to and around Digley Reservoir.
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  8. RickAns

    RickAns Well-Known Member

    Hope you both enjoy your trip. I still have the postcards you sent me. Thanks. :)
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  9. captain clutterbuck

    captain clutterbuck Well-Known Member

    What a kind gesture Pearl hoping to collect my own card soon but thank you so much for the offer.
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  10. Pearl

    Pearl Super Moderator Staff Member

    It seems him in doors feels the need to need to spend a day with me ( Lord knows why, he moans when I shout.) so we're going up to Holmfirth one day next week and as I usually do I'm inviting any of our overseas or even members that can't get there if they would like a postcard or something similar that I can send them from there. If so just inbox me with your address and I'll pick some up.

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