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Some of you will have noticed the site has been slow over the last few days, at first Tony suspected it was maintenance work being carried out on the server, after Tony spoke to them in some detail today, it appears the problem is with the forum software and the database, which is hogging all our server resources.

Tony has done extensive research and looked at forums with members running into thousands and having hundreds of postings daily and they are using XenForo forum software, Tony has been busy testing this software and it works without any of the problems we are currently experiencing, so Tony has set up a test site at which current members can log in to and have a look (Please do not post in this test forum)

Tony has tailored the site to look very similar to what we are used to, he has added extra themes and if any of you spot any major issues then let us know by replying in this thread, it is planned to switch at the end of January 2016 or sooner if the Vbullitin software becomes a bigger problem

None of us like change but what I have seen of Tony's efforts he has done a grand job of keeping everything very similar to what we are all used to, on top of that for those of you that used Facebook you will be able to log in using your Facebook account.

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The main problem is the speed at which technology changes these days. Two years ago the vBulletin software I installed here was the only logical way to go, it was the best. Since then the state-of-art software has become XenForo (strangely enough written by the same two coders that wrote the vBulletin we use here) which a vast number (probably the majority) of so called "big boards" have changed to.
XenForo uses many cutting edge technologies to keep things running at the speed of light at the same time as keeping it simple and easy for the user.
A lot of the links will only need a "hover" for the drop-down menu to appear. When you have logged in (your current user name and password will still work) you name will appear in the top right in the menu bar, simply hover your mouse over it to see a comprehensive list of options.
Some of the familiar names are slightly different, e.g. Private Messages , or PM's have become "Conversations", this may be a little confusing at first, but hopefully not too much, though I could go through the system to change these to familliar names for you.