Hello everybody


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Hi my name is John. I’m a long time lurker on this great website and decided to join yesterday. I’m a 50 year old postman and unfortunately live in London.
I’ve only ever seen about 20 episodes of LOTSW over the years from various series but have thoroughly enjoyed them. I have just ordered series 1 and 2 so I’ve got plenty of catching up to do.
I’m in hospital at the moment after suffering a heart attack on Sunday evening , hopefully my first and last and with at least 4 weeks off of work on the horizon I should be able to watch plenty of episodes.
Really looking forward to getting involved in posting.


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Welcome aboard John, sorry to hear about your health problems and lets hope they sort you out soon and you can start watching the show while you recover and in the future, many folk find the show comforting during illness,we won't hold living in London against you, it could be worse we have folk here who live in Leicestershire.
Hello and Welcome John , so sorry to hear about your Health issues I hope you have a full and speedy recovery and I look forward to your posting your thoughts on various threads. Take Care.


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I’m out of hospital at 12 today so I consider myself very lucky. Only a mild heart attack with only one blocked artery so I got lucky. I was brought to Harefield Hospital which is a world renowned heart hospital and the care has been fantastic.
I’ll get watching as soon as series 1 and 2 arrive and by the sound of it I’ve got plenty to look forward to.


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Greetings and welcome!

Sorry to hear about your heart attack. Glad you have the chance to start watching more of the series.



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If your budget permits purchasing the DVDs, the actors or their heirs will get some payment. I'm sure it isn't much, but for at least some of them, every pence counts.
I would prefer to buy the dvds. Call me old fashioned but I prefer to have something physical like like a dvd, cd or vinyl record than something downloaded.