Have Lunch with Frank Thornton


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You probably have already spotted this event,but I have been asked to make you good folk aware, Terry

Can you please put this information on your website as I am sure your members would be very keen on attending.

Just to let you know that there is going to be an event organised by Comic Heritage at the Marriott Hotel at Regents Park in London on Sunday September 19th to raise funds for the men of Bomber Command a very worthwhile charity . The main purpose was to give a special lunch for Frank Thornton for his years in acting. But since it has coincided with the end of Last Of the Summer Wine it has been decided to also celebrate the end of the series in style.

Sunday 19th September, 2010

The Heritage Foundation are happy to announce a Lunch with Frank Thornton at the Marriott Hotel, Regents Park. London. on Sunday 19th September 2010.

Other guests to be confirmed.

The event costs £70 which includes wine with the lunch and entertainment and are now available from our credit card ticket hotline 01494 714388 01494 714388

More details to follow.

The event will be attended by the following people and more will be announched:
Frank Thornton
Peter Sallis
Juliette Kaplan
Jean Fergusson
Robert Fyfe
Sarah Thomas
Alan J.W Bell
June Whitfield

There will be other Summer Wine guests.
Others intended to attend are
Jimmy Perry
David Croft
Jeremy Lloyd
Frank Williams
Pamela Cundell
Liz Fraser
Valerie Leon
Anita Graham
Jefferey Holland
Judy Buxton
Harold Snoad

So that's a fantastic day. It's a fun day where fans can meet their idols and get free autographs and have their photos taken. There will be an auction of memorabillia for the charity and a three course lunch with wine.
The event costs £70 all inclusive and there is a credit card hotline to make payments which is 01494 714388

The organiser is David Graham and he can be reached on the number above.
The event is only open to 220 people so they need to get booked asap.

If you want further info get in touch with me and as soon as I have more Info I will let you know or contact David direct at the link below


Lets do our very best to make this a very special day and raise money for the charity.


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WOW!!!...That sure sounds like a great event...I would be there if I were over in the UK.


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I Have spoken to the organisers today,there are tickets still available but they suggest it would be best to book by the weekend, other people attending are

Josephine Tewson, Burt Kwouk, Nicholas Smith,Bella Emberg,Trevor Bannister

They also hope that Russ Abbott and Roy Clarke will attend, but this has not been confirmed


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Roy Clarke is going,plus Mike Grady and Doremy Vernon

Russ Abbott is unable to attend


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Thank you, I´m sure I will! I just have to make sure I can get off days from work, otherwise I can´t go...