Good day.


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Good day fellow earthlings.....Mmm, somehow that doesn't sound like an appropriate greeting. Earthlings, makes us sound like something that has just crawled out of the garden. Then again, when I look in the mirror I do look like something that has just crawled out of the garden,:eek2: well, at least pulled through a hedge backwards:20:. That's me, a bit of a slob:42:. On my last birthday, I was stood at the gate when a neighbour walked by.
"My birthday today," I told him.
"Happy Birthday," he said, "have you got a telegram from the Queen?":21:
Cheeky devil, I thought, I'm only thirty-three. Okay, 83, but I don't look a hundred. He smiled as he went on his way:36:, and trod in a pile of dog's doo dah.
"OH YUCK," he shouted.
"I just did that," I said looking down at my shoe whilst trying to scrape the residue off onto the pavement.:frown2:
"Well do it in your toilet next time," he growled.:31:
Sorry, I went off at a tangent there. Tangent, sounds like a fella who has just been abroad for a holiday. I just wanted to wish you all a nice day and hope that you have plenty of smiles to make it all worthwhile.

captain clutterbuck

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trod in a pile of dog's doo
Could be worse
"I just did that,"
It could have been a lot more unpleasant . It could have been a horse's "deposit" but I suppose you would have been out scraping it into a bucket to put on your garden or making your worst enemy a horses@%t sandwich . You could have also done the deed whilst in the guise of a farm animal practising , as is your won't , for next years appearance is Jack in the Beanstalk where you are to revive your role as the back end of Horatio the Pantomime Horse , coconut shells to the ready :08:


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Well let's look at the positive side of this situation. If a dog couldn't poop, then he would be in a whole heap of trouble, and will end up at the vet's who will look intently at the back end, maybe even doing a rectal on the dog. Very unpleasant but necessary.