G'day from Melbourne

Discussion in 'Tell Members About Yourself' started by BruceC, Dec 23, 2016.

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  1. barmpot

    barmpot Well-Known Member

    oh no I wouldn't - got dry eye and need drops .....
  2. BruceC

    BruceC Active Member

    If I told you you'd cry ;)
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  3. barmpot

    barmpot Well-Known Member

    Ah now I comprehend - some of us are not as fast on our brains as we used to be .....

    I can not even get Youtube to work on half of my machines - or only with no sound! How much am I missing?
  4. BruceC

    BruceC Active Member

    The lighting on some of the youtube vids is real bad.... but its free ;)
  5. barmpot

    barmpot Well-Known Member

  6. BruceC

    BruceC Active Member

    Cheers Mr...
    Still struggling watchin the show on YouTube and DailyMotion... but the lighting is torture!!
  7. barmpot

    barmpot Well-Known Member

    Evening Bruce - glad you could join us. We are mostly harmless ..... apart from one or two ....
  8. ickysna2

    ickysna2 Well-Known Member

    Welcome Bruce!

    Marianna is right - we did that very thing.
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  9. Marianna

    Marianna Well-Known Member

    If those DVDs are the wrong region for your player, you probably can get a region-free player on Amazon. Then you'll be set to watch any DVDs from anywhere for all the years until the player wears out.
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  10. cornishman

    cornishman The Coder Staff Member

    Very warm welcome Bruce. Glad to see you're at least able to see the show on youtube.
    p.s. seen some very cheap LOTSW DVD's on ebay! just a thought.
  11. onyx(John)

    onyx(John) Super Moderator Staff Member

    Welcome Bruce:17:
  12. cciaffone

    cciaffone Well-Known Member

    Yes, our TV here in The States is rubbish as well.

    I have solved that problem by collecting many many hundreds
    of foreign TV shows (UK, Canada, Australia) and older
    US shows as well, and stored them on flash drives, CDs and
    DVDs. You name it I prolly have it. Only real problem is
    that I have to convert all the MP4 and MKV files to AVI
    to play thru our DVD player to the TV.
  13. Pearl

    Pearl Super Moderator Staff Member

    Hello, welcome. As Terry said your TV sounds like ours, utter rubbish but we try and keep the good stuff alive here, look forward to hearing your views on our lovely show.
  14. BruceC

    BruceC Active Member

    yea hot over here, lookin at windyty, I believe theres a couple of cyclones off your coast over there...
    apparently we have 4 days of 35+ to come, then the remains of your puffers are going to cool us down...
  15. Brian Johns

    Brian Johns Well-Known Member

    G'day Bruce
    Welcome to the playground! Nice to see someone else from Oz on here even if on the other side of the country!
  16. BruceC

    BruceC Active Member

    Hey Captain
    Don't worry I've been looking through the forum for a few days now - some of the photos are places I dream about!!

    Kurnell where I grew up is only a small town, everyone knew everyone, peaceful etc.. If you were saw someone needing a hand, you just did it- didnt ask, just rolled in and helped.
    But the house prices in Sydney drove me south. Mates parents house sold 2 mths ago for $2,065,000!!! his parents sold it 8 yrs ago for 400k... not a bad return for the bloke who bought it.
    I miss the small town feel, we have neighbours now that have been there 7 yrs and have never said boo. in kurnell you'd say Hi to parents, and everyone - it was just how life was. Big down living isn't fitting well with me.

    I'd love to visit the UK again one day. I went there in 83 with mum to meet some rello's - auntys and cousins etc who still live there one is a reporter for Fox Sport over there - but airfares, accommodation etc is fairly ugly these days.

    Roy Clarke must be a genius... everything he pens is gold!!
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  17. captain clutterbuck

    captain clutterbuck Well-Known Member

    Welcome to the forum Bruce nice to have you on board and look forward to seeing your posts , there are some great photos on the forum which show excerpts from the show and what the location looks like now , if you have time they are well worth a look . British Comedies are so good because of two things fine actors/actresses but most importantly we seem to have had a rich vein of scriptwriters who came along in quite a compressed time frame .
  18. BruceC

    BruceC Active Member

    Hey Terry
    Free to air TV is killing itself over here, within a few years the only choice will be Pay TV (Foxtel etc as you say repeating the same rubbish!), or some of these new fandangled online streaming sites..

    I've been looking at the DVD's.. at $20-$30 per season, it can get pretty expensive fairly quick!!! Someones making a lot out of it!
    Just wish the series had have been on TV here over the years, or even now - We get UKTV on Foxtel, but it has rubbish on it, why not start from episode 1 of Summer Wine!!!! Sadly I don't think most people these days would appreciate the show... its all about 2 mins of fame now.

    Anyway must be early morning now, don't waste your day!!! 9.30pm here and still stinking hot.. middle of mid 30's heatwave :(
  19. maltrab

    maltrab Administrator Staff Member

    Welcome Bruce always nice to have a new member, you TV situation sounds very much like the UK TV offerings, we have many channels all churning out the same rubbish, then repeat it an hour later, the good news is the whole of LOSW is now available on DVD
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  20. BruceC

    BruceC Active Member

    Well there is a forum for everything these days!

    Bruce, feeling old, divorced, 2 teenage kids and only discovered LOTSW about 10 yrs ago, 3yrs before "the end" :(
    Currently living in Melbourne, but grew up few 100 mtrs from where Captain Cook landed at Kurnell few hundred years ago LOL

    Both my parents are British, and they both LOVED this show and I think it kept mum going while battling cancer, like most you don't win against it.
    For what seemed for ever I grew up with British comedies in my life, Benny Hill etc - some shows aged well, some didn't. How did the brits do so well at Comedy compared to the rest of the world???
    Sadly Summer Wine never came to Australia that I saw in the early years, we started to get flooded with American shows.
    Aussie TV these days is owned by "Reality" rubbish and cooking shows and renovation shows - how many ways can you cook a steak??? I cant watch them at all... :(

    My 2 fav series are Only Fools and Horses, and Last of the Summer wine.
    LOTSW, Right from the moment the theme music starts, it puts you at ease - I cant really explain the feeling...
    Watching the shows (must admit, I'm a Newby only having seen 30-40 so far on YouTube) again I get this feeling of "being home", everyone in the show just works so well together... Like a Jigsaw - they all fit in their own place right from the early days right up to the end of the series.

    I recognise so many great actors went through the show from the early days.
    Watching the Compo Trilogy last night, I cant imagine how hard it was for them to do, but the professionalism of the actors, and Clarkes writing - perfect. Happy to admit, I was a bit of a mess at the end shedding a few tears. same with Last post and Pidgeon.
    I also think that the reality of people dying throughout the whole show added to the reality of it all. Just so brilliant.

    I'd love to have found my own Holmfirth to retire when I'm ready to but I don't think anything like that exists in this nasty modern world anymore. Anyway I'm feeling bummed at the moment, I might kick the boy off the big computer and watch a few more episodes.

    Thanks for having me
    Take care
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