Foggy,s return


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Was watching as usual today and noted at the xmas party Ivy received a decorated egg from Foggy and everybody looked a bit nonplussed by this .Then all was explained in the next episode as Seymour departs for his new school who is on a bus entering Holmfirth Foggy.I never noticed this before what a brilliant bit of writing and a very subtle hint that someone from the past was about.Wish todays writers had this ability to do this sort of thing or maybe the audiences are a bit dim today?


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There was nearly a year between these two episodes.

It was looking clear Michael Aldridge was not going to make the next series, but the decorated egg sequence did give a hint Foggy could be back. It still meant Seymour could be back too, but who knows what can happen in a year...?

As the 1990 series approached, it was announced Foggy would return - but who thought Seymour would appear for a brief cameo?

captain clutterbuck

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Given his penchant for Stealth and all things Camourflage could Foggy have actually comeback sooner than we thought and appeared in the final episodes of the Seymour era and we just did not see him ! :08: