Every Wondered why !!


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That Roadworks and Construction seem to take forever and costs a fortune,well this is my photo guide,using Google street view I managed to capture the following pictures,I suppose on the motorways you would not have time to spot some of the action,so here goes

Feeding time

Maybe sharing a paper

What day is it ?

What do mean you want it done by 2020

I see in the Sun paper the railways are on strike again

I'm Bored

No-one will spot me hiding in here

They might here though

The noise from that traffic

Birds eye view of the traffic jams

In Detention

Oh yes I am well hidden

So that's five bacon butties,five tea's and a pack of Cards

No I only make it 16 new BMW's in the last hour

I will hold this up in case it falls over

And I will hold this one

But mine is much heavier to hold on to

I'll just hold me trousers up

I am thinking of asking him to do me a swimming pool

Well the rest of the team are just sitting in the van

so they are

And here is another team joint effort