Couple of today's Snow Pictures


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Great pics. We've had another cold blast this weekend in Cheshire, the snow and wind was grim yesterday. When the wind dropped it was much better. We were due to go to an event in Southport today but it was cancelled. My gnomes aren't happy!


Thank you, I’ve got Blakey and Jack as well.
It does not look like a short statue what height are the caricatures? I have a friend who is all about Art Deco and included in the decorations in the house are several Betty Boop statues including one she has is about 5 ft tall and sits at the foot of the stairs . It is the first thing you see when you go through the front door , it's really impressive.
Absolutely Brilliant , captured all three of them perfectly Blakey is great. I can hear him shouting "Get that bus out Butler" when I opened up the photo, thank you for posting the photo . It would have been really nice to see some of our great show's characters made in a similar vein .


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Great pictures all. I have been watching a little of the On The Buses the last few nights. Nice to see some well done caricatures of that show.

I hope you have not had to resort to using Wesley's Land Rover to get out and take those pictures, maltrab.


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Well, absolutely bobbins weather over the Easter hols for us, Holme Moss rd shut again by snow/ice so no access to Holmfirth. Camping in the campervan no fun with a cold wind, waterlogged fields and then a load of snow dumped on Monday morning turning to rain in the afternoon!! 12828_1536978593227625_4194320421644598985_n.jpg