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For the first time in years while at my Daughters house on Christmas day I started to watch ITV3, there was a great program about the Chaps from 118 118, along with information on where to get a new sofa on Boxing day, Cough Medicine, big sales at Curry's etc

I was really getting into this show yet every 7 to 8 minutes they stuck a Carry On film for 10 minutes

Fortunately they repeated the show from the start every 10 minutes so we did not miss anything

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Nice one Terry . We were talking yesterday about the move of the Bake off to C4 and how are they going to handle the logistics of the baking , yet maintain the tension , surprise , wonderment and sheer joy that is the adverts !

captain clutterbuck

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Apparently as far as TV stations go nothing says Christmas like a dose of wall to wall double entendre , Oh Matron !

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Just downloaded a new Grantchester, a new Doctor Who,
and the Call the Midwife Christmas special. Lookin good.



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I go to my daughters at Christmas, unfortunately they will insist on watching the happiest show on TV .......................EASTENDERS :02::02::02:


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I did watch one programme last night - Flying Scotsman running on the Severn Valley Railway. Apparently it is what they call slow TV. I liked it as I like steam railway locomotives. They travelled 16 miles and took nearly an hour to do so!

The dialogue was mainly about the path ahead being clear and the colour of the signals with a little commentary about excess steam from the fireman.

They must have had quite a few cameras on board as shots were taken from various angles and some of them could not have been done with a person perched on top while moving.