Best Performance #4


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My vote goes to The Loxley Lozenge. An appearance by the artist Ashley Jackson attemping to complete a watercolor, and the chassis of a Austin Sheerline complete with a sofa to provide seating. Some great dialog too. :)
I watched it on TV this evening ! - "Eva braun or black" always makes me chuckle.


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Halloo there JackHarry, Greets and Welcome to the forums! :18:

Wesley was such a great character. My favorite moment is when he stopped jamming so loudly to his music :03:. It seemed more suited to Crusher than Wesley. But seriously, so many good moments between working on something mechanical to standing on newspaper with Edie putting a page up against a wall just in time to avoid a messy hand print.
The epitome of Wesley are his crazy inventions and none better for me is the one that features in my favourite "Beware of the Hot Dog" . A man who isn't even allowed anywhere near the kitchen at home even with papers on the floor decides to establish a mobile catering business with a machine that cremates anything on its grill . There are many stand out things in the episode , Marina finding her soulmate in Fifi but when Wesley fires up that portable flame thrower for the first time Barry's reaction of total fear is priceless.
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