Robin Parkinson RIP

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I am pretty sure many members will say Who? Well he is probably one of the UK's prolific supporting actor in a minor role . He's been everyone in everything , whilst he has had some permanent roles in series the most famous being Leclerc in Allo Allo, if they needed someone to play a small role in a show he was the go to man . If you look at his track record on IMDB its just incredible starting in 1959 and ending in 2007 and the broad spectrum of shows is just mind boggling . I could not start to list them all but I would urge you to look up his IMDB page . A stalwart of British TV yet astonishingly he never appeared in LOTSW which is so hard to believe . A very sad loss.
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Of course, Robin replaced the great Jack Haig as Leclerc in Allo Allo. The Jack Haig portrayal is usually the one most people recognise.

For me, the best known part Robin played was Desmond in Rising Damp.

RIP Robin.
Forgot about Rising Damp WSTOL

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That is what I thought Bruce, for many of the members he would be unknown. He was never a household name but he had an illustrious career as a supporting actor in so many shows I felt I had to post the thread.