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  1. mashibinbin

    You can prove anything with statistics...

    ...60% of people know that. Here's some interesting statistics that may prove useful springboards for expanded discussion elsewhere...[source IMDB] Peter Sallis appeared in every single episode [probably known by all anyway however.... Howard only appeared in 15 episodes fewer than Nora! Pearl...
  2. mashibinbin

    "Who's That With Barry, Wesley and Glenda?"

    On rewatching the magificent in so many ways episode that is Last Post & Pigeon t'other day I noticed at Roz's homecoming there appears to be another lady with Barry, Wesley and Glenda that is never identified - yet another Pegden? Perhaps they used to breed more than Simmonites!
  3. mashibinbin

    50 Years of Summer Wine...

    In January it will mark 50 years since the pilots transmission. Early thoughts at this stage but does anyone fancy a meetup weekend in Holmfirth to mark the occasion in some way next year?
  4. mashibinbin

    Character Titles

    After doing a long trawl I came up with the following as a list of definite titles that have main characters names in. Some that were excluded include the likes of The Man from Oswestry, That Certain Smile or even Enter the Hawk where the character is alluded to but not named. "Who's That...
  5. mashibinbin

    60 Years of the Carry ons

    2018 marks 60 years since the inception of the Carry Ons with none other than Summer Wine's own Bill Owen in a leading role in the very first. What did you think of them and for the quizzers which entries in the series did he appear in? :)
  6. mashibinbin

    In Loving Memory

    Just stumbled on properly this with the late great Thora Hird (Edie) and Christopher Beeny (Herman/Morton). It's period setting makes it feel more akin to First of the Summer Wine but is populated with good characters and situations making it a very worthwhile watch.
  7. mashibinbin

    The new mobile handcart trio...

    What were people's thoughts on the joining of Tom to the already sucessful partnership of Auntie Wainwright and Smiler. It looked like it was to develop even further when Tom moved in with Smiler but that was seemingly shelved. On reflection we'd have possibly had a situation scripted similar to...
  8. mashibinbin

    Considered but not cast...

    At the first time Brian Wilde intoned departure intentions it is my understanding that Fulton Mckay was considered as a replacement as 'Scotty'. What other none castings for the show do we know? :)
  9. mashibinbin

    Spin Offers

    Ok so we know Cooper and Walsh had a failed sadly attempt at getting a spin off fully commissioned but given the choices from all of the casts throughout the 37 years who would you nominate for spinoff material? Equally who would you definitely tune out from?
  10. mashibinbin

    Deviations with Miss Davenport

    It seems to me that Roy Clarke was keen to re-use the former Mrs Rossiter but never really knew how to fully. First a reasonable guest with a long overdue Bernard Cribbins, then a friend of Glendas and finally Marina's confidante and Hobbo fan club member #1.
  11. mashibinbin

    The women who carried out Yorkshire funny stuff...

    There were odd occasions when the ladies joined in the mainly male orientated childish escapades. Here's a few to start us off, please add as you go... Ivy moving Sam's body ready for the funeral after Sid admitted all. [Prompting a wonderful Clegg hug!] Glenda sliding down a hill. Nora...
  12. mashibinbin

    Return of not the Warriors.

    If you had the chance to bring back a former cast member for a 'catch up' to see how they'd got on with the passage of time like we got we with Norris Fairburn who would it be? Initially I'm going to plump for Crusher.
  13. mashibinbin

    Clegg's Memoirs

    Sadly it'll never come to pass now with the extremely sad departure of Peter Sallis but it would have been a nice way to wrap up the series with Clegg finishing his memoirs recounting briefly the last of the summer story with possibly another clip show this time featuring Blamire, Foggy and...
  14. mashibinbin

    Tales of more than two sweaters...

    From recall the multi-parters, or at least properly linked episodes were: The Great Boarding House Bathroom Caper/Cheering up Gordon/Going to Gordon's Wedding The Flag and it's/Further Snags Here we go/again into the Wild Blue Yonder The Love Mobile/All that Glitters is not Elvis Elegy for...
  15. mashibinbin

    Lenny - Compo mark II?

    In many ways Lenny's charcter played by Bobby Ball could have been the Compo replacement that was long missing and whose void was never sucessfully filled completely. He had the stature, clashes with authority figures and all round stupidity to carry it off. Having his wife appear (the second...
  16. mashibinbin

    Hobbo - a thought.

    Hobbo as a one off character may have been stronger than what we saw of him stretched over 17 episodes. As it was he had the feeling of diluted somewhat. I liked his eagerness to help one and all whether they wanted it or not but it did feel sometimes that there was too much plot for him -...
  17. mashibinbin

    Alvin & Stella

    In the final episode 'How to Not Cry at Weddings' there is a very different dynamic to the Stella and Alvin relationship - beforehand they had gently sparred and were admittedly warmer than Nora was to him but not as warm as Compo was, mostly, to Nora. However was this to be the springboard for...
  18. mashibinbin

    Hail Smiling 2018 or Thereabouts

    Hi to one and all from the Wirral Peninsula. I'm Robin, a self confessed LSW addict since watching in my youth on Sundays from the late 80s onwards. Despite approaching 37 next month I have always had a special place for this programme in my heart hoping that, as with the Carry ons, that their...