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  1. Moonraker

    Tales of the Unexpected.

    Just watched an episode of Tales of the Unexpected called 'The Mole.' The actors from LOTSW feature in the programme. Bill Owen andJoe Gladwin.
  2. Moonraker


    I have been watching One Foot in the Grave. Each series have one commentary episode. This is very useful as it gives you an insight to the sit-com. I cannot recall any commentary in LOTSW, unless I have missed it in the DVD box set. Are there any commentaries?
  3. Moonraker

    Why no farewell from LOTSW?

    Ok, so I just finished watching the last episode of LOTSW: series 32 titled 'How Not to Cry at a Wedding.' I had never seen this episode before. As I started watching the programme I was thinking about what the final scene would be like. Ideas that came to mind included: watery eyes on set; a...
  4. Moonraker

    Why was he chosen as the vicar?

    Watched LOTSW episode called 'The Only Diesel Saxophone in Captivity.' Which is in series 19. The actor Martin Benson had a small part in the episode cast as a vicar. I chuckled because the first thought that came in mind was he played a Catholic priest (Father Spiletto) in the 1976 film The...
  5. Moonraker

    Are lines dubbed in?

    I have been watching numerous episodes of LOTSW and cannot help noticing that when the actors are on location there are times when in the scene the weather looks breezy and often even their clothes are flapping around; yet the voices appear pristine with no interference from the natural...
  6. Moonraker

    Why was Ivy confused or shocked?

    I've just watched the Christmas special 1989 episode called "what's Santa brought for Nora Then?" Right at the end of the show the cast are exchanging presents. Compo gives Nora a present, which was meant to be from Howard to Marina. Ivy was presented with what looks like a decorative egg. But...
  7. Moonraker

    Insight into the characters

    I have just finished reading LOTSW, written by Andrew Vine. I always got the impression that the three main actors were real friends and enjoyed each others company when not filming. This could not be far from the truth. For example, did you know that Foggy was paid twice that of the other two...
  8. Moonraker

    Hi all

    I can recall first watching LOTSW around 1976. I intend to visit the location, Holmfirth next week