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  1. Stephen

    Massive Brain Block Over Joe Gladwin!

    Sorry to my fellow Summerwiners, but I have just been watching Getting Sam Home and it has just occurred to me that Joe Gladwin's involvement in this story was minimal. Does anyone know what the reason for this was? Was he contracted for something else? I know some of you will be reading this...
  2. Stephen

    Wally Photo

    Don't think I have posted this before, but, If I have, then forgive me as my memory gets worse every day. It's a publicity photo of Joe Gladwin as Wally from the episode 'Set the People Free'. I bought it on eBay a while back and only just found it again this morning. Interesting thing is is...
  3. Stephen

    Uncle of the Divorced

    I was watching Uncle of the Bride the other day and, during the stag night scene in the pub, Compo starts to talk about how he was advised to sue the Polish gentleman that ran off with his wife. He didn't, of course, due to the fact he could not spell his name; however, I was left wondering what...
  4. Stephen

    Holmfirth webcam

    Oo-er Missus! The aliens are back on the Holmfirth webcam. :oops:
  5. Stephen

    A Nice Surprise!

    I came downstairs this morning to find that, during the night, one of my LOTSW photos that I had purchased from the Summer Wine shop last year had slipped in its frame, revealing -- would you believe -- another photo beneath it! And not just any photo, but a super portrait photo of Compo. :37...
  6. Stephen

    Christmas Decorations!

    Received these from the Summer Wine shop yesterday and they are super! I meant to buy them last year but I never quite got round to it, for some reason. Has anyone else bought these? They are a lot bigger than I was expecting, to be honest.
  7. Stephen

    Tiptoe Through The Tulips

    Not sure whether this has been posted about before (apologies if it has), but our favourite trio doing a top hat and cane dance to this song was not part of the Royal Variety Performance but was part of a something called 'The Kids' International Show'. It was broadcast on the BBC on the...
  8. Stephen

    Summer Wine on VHS

    Did anyone ever own any of these two VHS videos when they were originally available? I remember the Getting Sam Home one was available for rental, back in the 80s, but the other one passed me by. I suppose, like most VHS to buy in the early to mid eighties, they must have cost a bit, even if you...
  9. Stephen

    Strange Caterpillar

    I found this caterpillar on a beech tree in my local woods but have no idea what it is. I am pretty good with moths and butterflies but this one has me stumped. Are there any experts out there?
  10. Stephen

    Mini and Johnny Go Home

    Anybody got copies of these fabulous documentaries that are far overdue for release? I have been on to the BFI and ITV about the release of these programmes before (as have many others) but without success. The whole situation becomes more and more suspicious with every year that goes by...
  11. Stephen

    Wyatt's Watchdogs

    Anybody else think a release of this comedy series is long overdue? I'd love to see it. There are a few clips on YouTube but that's it! It seems a bit odd as there are some seriously obscure TV series released on dvd (especially from the ITV archives) that involve Summer Wine actors but this one...
  12. Stephen

    What's This On The Holmfirth Webcam?

    Just spotted this on Holmfirth's webcam. Lol Is it a UFO? Is it a black hole about to swallow our beloved town? Or is it, simply, a local pigeon that was caught short? :confused:
  13. Stephen

    My Bedroom (well, a bit of it any way)

    Thought I'd post a couple of pics of some of the LOTSW pictures that adorn my bedroom walls. They compete for space with three old railway posters and a couple of bookshelves. Oh, and lots of old breweriana, a Christmas tree and a succession of Christmas lights. Lol Not to mention the DVDs and...
  14. Stephen

    When You Take A Good Bite Yorkshire Tastes Terrible

    I have just been watching this episode (for the umpteenth time) and I have come to the conclusion that this would have made a super feature length film. Has anyone else thought this? Even if the run time had been extended to fifty minutes it would have improved it. I have no problem with the...
  15. Stephen

    Full Steam Behind Blooper

    Pretty sure members have seen this before but, If you haven't, I'm gonna post one of my favourite LOTSW bloopers anyway: the BBC van in the window of the train station in Full Steam Behind.
  16. Stephen

    Graveside Rituals

    A few years back I was fortunate enough to visit Bill Owen"s resting place and, in a tribute to Bill and Compo, I decided to purchase a sticky bun in town and eat it by his graveside (and, no, before anyone asks, I did not get crumbs everywhere. Lol). As such, I was would be interested to know...
  17. Stephen

    Hi everyone!

    Thanks for accepting my request to join. I have been aching to join a group that was as passionate about summer wine as I am - and now I have! To cut a long (and boring) story short, I first became hooked on summer wine aged 6 or 7 and have not looked back since. I used to get the Getting Sam...