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  1. Barrychuckle

    Can you name an episode where???

    Can you name an episode where another country or town/city other than the UK is mentioned. List the episode and who said it, I'm sure there are quite a few....
  2. Barrychuckle

    Simpsons Plagiarism?

    Having watched Go With The Flow again I noticed the vicar is busy playing with his train set, also in The Simpsons Rev Lovejoy is also a fan of trains and even wears the workers cap playing with his set. This is some coincidence and I'm wondering if the creators of The Simpsons copied the idea...
  3. Barrychuckle


    I found this site which as almost every script, not perfect as it's just really the dialogue rather than a proper script but useful for reference.
  4. Barrychuckle

    Driving Mr Clegg....

    As Cleggy was the only member of the trio with a driving licence he was often called upon for his driving duties. Can you name an episode where he was in charge a a vehicle, and the vehicle in question? 1 per post please....
  5. Barrychuckle

    Is it just me?

    Just a quick one, is it just me or is Ludovic the spitting image of Billy Hardcastle? I had to Google the actor when I first saw him!
  6. Barrychuckle

    Breakfast at Sidneys?

    I really fancy a cooked breakfast at Sid's when I stay in Holmfirth this weekend, I've previously had a great one at The Wrinkled Stocking on the recommendation of other forum members. However the website for Sids Cafe looks quite out of date and I cannot see a Full English on their menu, does...
  7. Barrychuckle

    Summer Wine Windows Theme

    I found this online which was a blast from the past for me. When I had one of my first PC's over 20 years ago you could install different Windows themes so the icons and sounds changed. Naturally I had a Summer Wine one installed on my PC! I found details of it on the site, I'm...
  8. Barrychuckle

    Full Steam Behind

    I'm watching the entire series from start to finish again, last night was the turn of Full Steam Behind one of the favorites of many of the cast. A couple of things I noticed in this episode; firstly the BBC outside broadcast van which can be seen from the station when the mayor is there. I...
  9. Barrychuckle

    Open All Hours Cafe

    I've just watched Getting On Sidneys Wire and in the scene where the trio are sat on chairs outside the cafe you can see the opening times board. And it shows 10am - 11pm (and closed on Wednesday) This seems to be very long opening and highly unlikely for a cafe, I heard that there was...
  10. Barrychuckle

    Jane McDonnald Holmfirth Documentary

    Apologies if this has been posted on here before, but Jane McDonnalds recent Channel 5 documentary about Holmfirth is on YouTube, if you've not seen it - definitely worth a view !
  11. Barrychuckle

    Any fans of Doc Martin with a million quid to spare??

    I spotted this up for sale, any fans of the show will know this was his surgery. Cannot believe the prices in Cornwall :eek:
  12. Barrychuckle

    Some Exciting News...

    I'm currently staying in Holmfirth and I popped into The Wrinkled Stocking for my brekkie and I got chatting to the owner. He's told me that the town is due celebrate the 50th anniversary next year with a number of events. Evidently a few of the actors are likely to appear, The Summer Winos...
  13. Barrychuckle

    The World According to...... LOTSW

    Another one just for fun, there are many historical facts the characters mention that challenge conventional wisdom - for example Wigglesworth discovered America or Entwhistle stating that Marco Polo invented custard. Can you think of any, who said it and the episode? My personal favorite...
  14. Barrychuckle

    Did Pearl Preempt Lockdown????

    I've just watched What Happened To Barry's Midlife Crisis and it was quite strange seeing Pearl telling Howard he's going into lockdown, then Clegg & Truly are talking about lockdown. Then in the next scene Miss Davenport & Marina are talking about viruses (albeit computer ones!) how...
  15. Barrychuckle

    Desert Island DVD's

    I'd be interested to see what other comedies members like, to see if there are similarities. If you were sent to a desert island and allowed to take only 4 DVD sets to watch which would the 3 extra be. Of course the LOTSW full set would be taken as a given! Remember it can only be 3 different...
  16. Barrychuckle

    The Multi Talented Mr Ingleton

    I'm sure many of you will already be well aware of this fact, but I've only just started discovering Norman Wisdoms talents as a singer/songwriter. He had an amazing singing voice and had he not been an actor I'm sure he could have carved out a singing career. I did know he sang in a few of...
  17. Barrychuckle

    53°34'02.6"N 1°44'09.3"W

    One of my more unorthodox titles I guess! I am pleased to confirm that today I completed purchase on the land which was recently for sale on this site a few weeks ago. It probably the most used piece of land in the entire series. It was important to me as a fan that this remains as...
  18. Barrychuckle

    What's in Compos box???

    Can you name an episode where Compo pulls out his matchbox to a repulsed onlooker and ideally the scenario? One episode per post.
  19. Barrychuckle

    A Familiar Yorkshireman .....

    Listened to a radio episode of What Ever Happened To The Likely Lads and one of the characters sounded familiar. I looked at the cast listing and it was Bill Owen playing a Yorkshire man, I've checked an he was also in the the TV episode too. The character is more assertive than Compo and does...
  20. Barrychuckle

    Absent friends

    It's a while since I've seen Dick or Peripheral I know they both love the cricket so I hope they're enjoying the current Test. I know Peri hasn't been too well so I wish him a speedy recovery and look forward to seeing them both regularly posting soon.