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  1. Moonraker

    Laurel & Hardy

    As a child I loved Laurel and Hardy. I recall my mother laughing hysterically when Stan and Ollie were in bed together. I couldn't see the funny side of this as a youngster.
  2. Moonraker

    Tales of the Unexpected.

    Just watched an episode of Tales of the Unexpected called 'The Mole.' The actors from LOTSW feature in the programme. Bill Owen andJoe Gladwin.
  3. Moonraker

    jokes bad or otherwise.

    Heard this joke on TV yesterday. Why do scarecrows make excellent professors? Because they are out-standing in their field.
  4. Moonraker


    I recall watching the Outer Limits (b/w) in the late 70s. I think it use to be on late on Saturdays.
  5. Moonraker


    Currently going through the original Twilight Zone series.
  6. Moonraker

    Why does the water turn white?

    The white colour is due to multiple scattering of light. The water falling produces lots of small bubbles that produce lots of reflections. If you break a mirror or glass, this too looks white, again due to multiple scattering of 'white' light.
  7. Moonraker

    Gentle Comedies

    It ain't hot mum was a classic. TV channels would be reluctant to air them now
  8. Moonraker


    I have been watching One Foot in the Grave. Each series have one commentary episode. This is very useful as it gives you an insight to the sit-com. I cannot recall any commentary in LOTSW, unless I have missed it in the DVD box set. Are there any commentaries?
  9. Moonraker

    Tennis and Summer Wine

    I particularly noticed these days football players and managers placing their hand by the mouth when talking. Obviously, to avoid been lip-read. I wonder if this all started with the John Terry incident?
  10. Moonraker

    Gentle Comedies

    I've been watching One Foot in the Grave, starring Richard Wilson. Fantastic series, but I can see why there was controversy as regards cruelty to animals, though I was not genuine.
  11. Moonraker

    Just 10 years ago

    Always reminds me of this footage from the Top Gear programme.
  12. Moonraker

    Why is PC determined to destroy the world

    Ironically, I was just watching Harry Enfield's 'Women, know your limits', about the inferiority of women. I don't think it can be shown now.
  13. Moonraker

    Memories of Days gone by

    Only yesterday I was reminiscing an event that occurred in the early 70s. I was at a funfare (might be Battersea park). I was probably about 7 years old. I recall been given a bean bag or a tennis ball. I threw it at a circular silver target and hit it. Suddenly, this beautiful blonde woman in a...
  14. Moonraker

    Gentle Comedies

    Thanks, I will have to listen to this. After watching the Carry on Films in dvd, I use to listen to the commentary to the films. The invited guests were members of the cast. I recall when Jim dale did a commentary. He talked about Kenneth Williams. There was a joke he related that went something...
  15. Moonraker

    Why no farewell from LOTSW?

    Ok, so I just finished watching the last episode of LOTSW: series 32 titled 'How Not to Cry at a Wedding.' I had never seen this episode before. As I started watching the programme I was thinking about what the final scene would be like. Ideas that came to mind included: watery eyes on set; a...
  16. Moonraker

    Another book worth reading

    How interesting. I purchased the complete collection in July 2020 and began watching the episodes on the 29th of July. I have almost completed the entire dvd collection; only 3 episodes remaining, including the Pilot: Funerals and Fish. All will be viewed in under five and a half months...
  17. Moonraker

    See ya Compo

    So, clearly, Peter Sallis was a very talented actor, because it looked so genuine.
  18. Moonraker

    See ya Compo

    Just watched series 29, the episode It's Never Ten Years, which was a tribute to Compo, showing previous clips of him in the show. This reminded me of the episode in which 'See Ya Compo' is displayed on the hillside. If I can recall, in the episode Clegg is escorted to the hill-top to be shown...
  19. Moonraker

    See ya Compo

    Just watched in series 29 the episode It's Never Ten Years, which showed clips of compo. So, it did take me back to the episode in which they displayed 'See Ya Compo' on the hill. If I can recall, Clegg is escorted to the hill to show him the display as a surprise. I was wondering if Peter...
  20. Moonraker

    Snow - Where?

    Since we had the dreaded Smart meter installed; if it snows in London then the meter will hit the jackpot. Not looking forward to snow, sadly.