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  1. Ch74

    What's your favourite episode?

    I might change my mind but it's either the one where Howard tries to hypnotise Pearl and Foggy gets hypnotised himself or the one where marina throws away her Tom Cruise photos that was on the other day The rant from Howard is priceless Clegg 'anyway he's not on his own his got a woman he's...
  2. Ch74

    There goes the groom?

    Shows Foggy at the start being carried but then only feet. Why was he only written such a small part? Had he passed away by then?
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    Is he lying about absolutely everything? Was he ever in Burma? I remember Compo saying he was a sign writer who never left England?
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    Just started watching series when Foggy came in it. I notice Ivy was extremely aggressive always shouting and Nora too was the same especially with Wally. They mellowed over time. Some very funny episodes. Think the ones with foggy now the best ones
  5. Ch74

    Still Open All Hours?

    The original was hilarious not sure about the remake. It's gentle but not laugh out loud funny. Last night was one of the better episodes with the 4 women chatting and reminded me of LOTSW. They seem to have turned Gastric into Compo Which begs the question why get rid of LOTSW in the first...
  6. Ch74

    Favourite episode?

    There are probably many I can't remember I really liked. One when foggy got hypnotised during a protest against a road. Lots of the foggy ones were good with him telling lies. Also the one when howard gets 2 jumpers for Christmas Favourite probably Eva's back in town. Ends with that...
  7. Ch74

    Hobdyke special

    31 Dec 2008 S I Was A Hitman For Primrose Dairies Im guessing this is the one which introduces Hobdyke. Has anyone ever seen this one repeated? I'm. Sure I've watched it originally but never seen it since
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    Was on the old forum but not posted for a few years. Recently got back into watching again. I'm probably rare in the fact I prefer the Russ Abbot ones then the Billy Hard castle ones over the Compo ones
  9. Ch74

    Meeting the cast?

    I only ever wrote to Robert Fyfe and he replied and was superb. I know they're humans like the rest of us doing a job. I just wondered who were the friendliest to meet and who weren't particularly happy meeting the fans
  10. Ch74

    Series 30 & 31

    Been watching them a lot recently and the writing as usual was superb but it's only looking at them now I appreciate what a great actor Russ Abbot is. .His facial expressions were superb and with Ace telling lies all the time ( team, my team) and more of the policemen I really enjoyed the last 2...