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  1. AJM

    DVD release

    I think the episode ordering is down to Roy except in a couple of cases, such as The Loxley Lozenge being promoted to a special from a regular series 8 episode.
  2. AJM

    DVD release

    Usually edits are made for music licensing reasons. Only Fools and Horses suffers from music clearance edits quite a lot
  3. AJM

    DVD release

    That scene is intact on my DVD copy. Could it have been edited out on other releases?
  4. AJM

    The mystery of the ONE cream cake ???????

    I believe it is an ancient Yorkshire custom carried out regularly by housewives at coffee mornings. Whoever manages to get the delicious cream cake holds the next coffee morning at their house. The only problem is it causes distress for certain husband's when trying to keep appointments with a...
  5. AJM

    DVD release

    According the DVDs, Series 1&2, 7&8, 9&10 (9) and 11&12 (10 &11) all state being edited for contractual reasons on the back. All other series from 12 (13 if you use the DVD numbering) onwards do not state being edited. I guess the episode runtime would be a good way to guess if any episodes are...
  6. AJM

    Documentaries about Summer Wine

    @Phughes here's a copy of the 25 years documentary uploaded by @PKDurham
  7. AJM

    Selecting a tribute episode for each departed cast member

    I would say The Defeat of the Stoneworm for Howard. Howard Throws a Wobbler would be another episode I'd choose as a close contender.
  8. AJM

    TV's in the Show

    Compo goes to switch one on in The Funny Side of Christmas short.
  9. AJM

    Roy Clarkes finest creations

    I'd have to agree with both Arkwright and Hyacinth. I would choose Howard as my third favourite. Robert was excellent and really made the part his. His facial expressions were a treasure too.
  10. AJM

    Pick your favourite FIRST of the Summer Wine episodes

    Hard to pick one episode as none particular stand out as a favourite. Although The Body Snatchers when Compo tries to sneak into the cinema and falls into the toilet is hilarious. Probably my favourite scene. The Gypsy Fiddler and Ain't Love Dangerous are good too. I much prefer series 2 over...
  11. AJM

    We've really cracked it this time........or have we ???????....

    The treehouse in there are gypsies at the bottom of our garden.
  12. AJM

    Howards excuses

    I hardly know the young lady and I don't know who you mean Also pretends to forget her name in front of Pearl. Just think of it as a place frequented by sailors.
  13. AJM


    Wasn't there an episode where someone (either the trio or the ladies) were following Howard and Marina by bus?
  14. AJM


    Compo meets a woman off the bus in Spring Fever.
  15. AJM

    Casts favourite episodes

    I should have looked a bit harder first! Thank you.
  16. AJM

    Casts favourite episodes

    We know Bill's favourite episode was From Wellies to Wet Suit and Peter's favourite was Full Steam Behind. Do we know any other cast members favourite episodes? Have they ever gone on record to state their favourite episode(s)?
  17. AJM

    What songs appeared in Last of the Summer Wine?

    Isn't there a piece of music used instead? I'm sure I remember hearing music during that scene.
  18. AJM

    What songs appeared in Last of the Summer Wine?

    Any songs that were sung or played within any episode, not just by Compo. For example Howard singing Dream When You're Feeling Blue in A Musical Passing for a Miserable Muscroft.
  19. AJM

    What’s your favorite season?

    I'd be hard picked to choose either series 14 or 17. Both are really good series and have some great episodes. Any series (except 13) in Foggy's second run are great and throughly enjoyable. Series 11 with Seymour would be a close second though.