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  1. AJM

    Casts favourite episodes

    We know Bill's favourite episode was From Wellies to Wet Suit and Peter's favourite was Full Steam Behind. Do we know any other cast members favourite episodes? Have they ever gone on record to state their favourite episode(s)?
  2. AJM

    What songs appeared in Last of the Summer Wine?

    Any songs that were sung or played within any episode, not just by Compo. For example Howard singing Dream When You're Feeling Blue in A Musical Passing for a Miserable Muscroft.
  3. AJM

    Billy Ingleton's piano tune

    Just watched The Man Who Nearly Knew Pavrotti and was wondering about the tune Billy Ingleton plays on the piano. Is it composed by Ronnie Hazlehurst or is it a piece of classical music?
  4. AJM

    Hello all

    Hi everyone, I have already started posting on the forum but thought I would introduce myself here too. I have been watching through the entire series and just finished watching series 31 yesterday. I have thoroughly enjoyed watching the show. Currently going back through and rewatching some of...