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  1. joppyuk1

    Variations on Road Rage

    We used to live at a road junction in Gainsborough (Lincs) and swear the Council kept their petty cash in a box under the pavement outside. They seemed to be digging it up every couple of weeks. Now we live in Ipswich and there seem to be roadworks on every major route in the city. No sooner do...
  2. joppyuk1

    Ealing Comedies..............

    If I had to choose, and it is difficult, then Ladykillers, followed by Barnacle Bill and Titfield Thunderbolt.
  3. joppyuk1

    Programmes forgotten and missed

    Michael Bentine's "It's A Square World". I loved his models with 'invisible' people (Western Gunfight, Flea Circus) all worked by bits of string, and the way he'd take the Michael of the powers that be. Unfortunately I believe most of the tapes were lost.
  4. joppyuk1

    The Post box.

    We still have some old family postcards (pre-WW1) that say things like " see you later today when we pop over for tea". Can you imagine doing that? Today it's a text.
  5. joppyuk1

    Sport Relief

    We were in Sainsbury's Supermarket this morning and a couple of staff were discussing this. One said "... they've been doing this for years now, and don't seem to get anywhere". I think this is getting to be the general opinion, with Sport Relief, Comic Relief, Band Aid, and the rest...
  6. joppyuk1


    My dad used to work for Boots (the Chemist) in the days before all the remedies now normal. He had a book full of handwritten recipes that covered all eventualities in the home, garden or farm. Unfortunately mother gve it away when he passed on in 1969.
  7. joppyuk1

    Revivals. Whatever next?

    I read a book* by an old bookdealer recently, who had a brilliant comeback to any second-hand or charity shop assistant who asked him that while he was looking for stock, he would tell them he was "looking for books with photos of naked midgets"** * Driff's Guide to the secondhand bookshops...
  8. joppyuk1

    Last 2 boxsets out later this year

    My Amazon notification gave May as the date for 29, later in the year for the final set.
  9. joppyuk1

    Eagle has landed

    That's the Lectern. Holds the large bible that the readers use during services. Usually found 'up front' so the reader can be seen though I don't know if it has a traditional position.
  10. joppyuk1

    Terry's house update.

    not sure if that's the best solution, if that's a water pipe and the joint goes eventually? Personally, I'd have raised the socket.
  11. joppyuk1

    Ed stewpot stewart

    MrsJ wants to know who will do 'Family Choice' (or whatever it's called) at Christmas now?
  12. joppyuk1

    Father Brown

    I've just caught the first episode on catch-up. Noticed we have a new detective and thought "he'd make a good 'Blamire' in a remake".
  13. joppyuk1

    Idea for a possible new TV programme

    It's a 'How it was made' programme on December 22nd.
  14. joppyuk1

    Idea for a possible new TV programme

    I shall be watching the Dad's Army programme, and enjoyed last years about the origins of Dr. Who, so would definitely vote for one on SW. Now we can all speculate on the cast, not forgetting the writer and director.
  15. joppyuk1

    Clegg install lino too?

    The Co-Op still have 'divvy numbers' though now you don't have to quote it, you get a plastic swipe card. We use ours for top-up shopping (bread/milk/papers) and last year got about £30 from them. We used to get a lot more, but don't need the car fuel any more. We leave the cash in the Co-Op...
  16. joppyuk1

    RIP Warren Mitchell

    He also popped up regularly in "The Avengers" as a Russian diplomat who really liked Steed though he knew he shouldn't. More subtle comedy than he was known for generally.
  17. joppyuk1

    House update 2

    As long as it doesn't end like those renovation programmes we get to see, over time and over budget. Putting back the fixtures and fittings is the fun part once the destruction has finished. MrsJ and I once spent a couple of nights with an ironing board propped against a piece of ply in the back...
  18. joppyuk1

    A Fuzzy Trio

    I'm working on it, between other projects - (being retired means I'm doing more than ever) - but when the figures are not directly in the foreground, or some lag in the background, it makes perspective a problem. I may have to build a bit of scenery to cope.
  19. joppyuk1

    A Fuzzy Trio

    No, I didn't make them myself. I found a lady on the net who made bespoke dolls house dolls to order and had her make me this trio, plus a Beatrix Potter, for use later. Unfortunately she has now retired from taking commissions, so there will be no more. She had trouble making removable hats, so...
  20. joppyuk1

    A Fuzzy Trio

    Here's a group received today, of our trio in 1/12th scale, photographed against a suitable background. These three are going to inhabit a dolls house model of Cleggy's lounge when I get it made.