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  1. J

    Are You Being Served

    What's people's view on this? I've watched a few episodes of the original and some are funny while others to me are not great. It seems to have been big back in the day
  2. J

    Early episodes

    Just watching the older episodes and notice that Ivy and Nora shout a heck of a lot. Ivy screaming a lot of the time too. Even Compo shouting in the episode when they go to Wales. Wouldn't say overacting but quite close to it I've just seen the episode with the giant carrot and the guy driving...
  3. J

    All That Glitters Is Not Elvis

    UK Gold censoring words now. Lance's wife "He's a compete......" and then got censored out It was only 12 years ago, cant have been that bad as was originally shown 6pm on Sundays on bbc
  4. J

    Robert Fyfe?

    Anybody know if Robert Fyfe is still acting so to speak? It said he is represented by Curtis Brown but he's not on the website. Last article was 2015 when someone said they wrote to him. I wanted to drop him a line
  5. J


    Not been for over a decade now. Is it still as busy as it was back in the day. Any major changes there? Does the mini bus still go round the places where it was filmed?
  6. J

    uk gold

    is it my imagination or have they added a new break. I'm sure there only used to be 1 advert break during the Summerwine episodes on UK gold. Now there's 2 plus one before and one after. Not to mention advert from the company sponsoring daytime on gold plus upcoming shows and I'd be surprised if...
  7. J

    Mervyn would be proud

    S24 ep3 At the start truly and Billy are walking away from a pub i can't make out the name of it and there's a little humpback Bridge next to it Anyone care to tell me where that is please?