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  1. Roger

    Louis on TV

    It was good to see Louis Emerick on BBC's Pointless Celebrities last night. He talked about being in Brookside, Coronation Street and Zapped but no mention of LOTSW.
  2. Roger

    It pays to complain... if you like crisps.

    A few weeks ago I bought a six bag multi-bag of Golden Wonder crisps. When I opened the outer bag I realised that one of the individual bags had been caught in the crimp of the outer bag, causing it to split, with some of the crisps ending up on the floor. It was only one bag, the other five...
  3. Roger

    My little gift from Pearl

    The competition prize has arrived. A coaster with a photo of Compo, Foggy and Clegg, and a bottle opener with a photo of Nora's house on one side and Compo, Foggy and Clegg on the other. I'm very pleased with my prize. Thank you Pearl.
  4. Roger

    Boarded up windows

    The Holmfirth webcam is at a different angle and you can see the boarded up windows above the cafe. Does anyone know what they are doing to the cafe?
  5. Roger

    What's on the wall?

    The card on the wall to the right of Ivy. Seen in a lot of the earlier episodes but not always in the same position. I've tried to enlarge it but it just gets blurry. Does anyone know what is on the card?
  6. Roger

    Our Glenda

    Probably her first TV appearance, I think....
  7. Roger

    Password reset

    Couldn't log in this morning, it said my password was wrong, I had to request a password reset. I don't think this has ever happened before, I've always used the same password. Anyone else had problems?
  8. Roger

    Where is Oswestry?

    In the episode The Man From Oswestry, after Clegg reads the letter, he says Foggy has been in Wales all this time. Later in the pub he tells Big Malcolm that Foggy has just got back from Wales. But Oswestry isn't in Wales, it's in England, isn't it?
  9. Roger

    Name that TV show

    Three actors from LOTSW appeared in an ITV series. They look a bit younger but I'm sure you'll recognise the actors. Can you name the TV show and the characters they played?
  10. Roger

    Marina's little car

    Does anyone know anything about Marina's little yellow car? We only see it in the episode A Sidecar Named Desire. It looks like a chopped Mini and doesn't appear to have any opening doors. Its a pity it wasn't used in more episodes....
  11. Roger

    Similar lines

    I've just been watching an episode of The Avengers, The Correct Way To Kill, from 1967. There's a conversation between John Steed and Russian spy Nutski which goes like this... Nutski - I carry a scar from his bullet. Steed - Where did he get you? Nutski - In the Dardanelles. There was a...
  12. Roger

    Car Ramps

    Just noticed this in the episode Earnshaw Strikes Again, take a look at the car ramps under the front wheels of the Ford Capri. At the start of the scene the sloping part of the ramps is pointing to the rear but when they move round to the side of the car the sloping part is pointing to the front.
  13. Roger

    In what episode do we see

    Coventry Cathedral
  14. Roger

    Greetings from the Scottish Borders

    Hi, I'm Roger, I live in a small village in the Scottish Borders. I'm a big summer wine fan.