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    Why do they do it ??

    I was woken up yesterday by men (Severn Trent ) digging a hole outside my block on a busy junction. . They dug down to the water pipes and spent some time on them.Approximately 2 and a half hours later they filled in the hole and went. I assumed they were off for an early lunch. They set up...
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    Football Fan ???

    I was born 77 years ago in a terraced street known as Smiths Row ! I never have been an Arsenal fan but when I see that the Arsenal forward called SMITH- ROWE has scored it gives me a "jolt".Does this make me an Arsenal fan??:fp: :confused2:
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    Football Fans

    I am usually a cricket fan !Lately I have watched football and have a couple of questions . Has anyone been injured doing the Knee slide after scoring ??(sliding forward on their knees) Torn ligaments etc? My second question concerns when everyone piles on to the scorer. There is a...
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    Made Me Smile

    I saw a marvellous thing today. Young mother , toddler on each hand , walking with them making them laugh.They were enjoying every minute and skipping till they passed from my sight. Such a difference from "grumpy mummy " on her phone end the children wandering allover.:)
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    How do you pronounce it ??

    My daughter and I are booked to stay in FOWEY in September .Every time I try to explain to anyone they always want to correct my pronunciation,I feel its pronounced FOY ! I 'm told no its FOW-EE . yet another is FOO-EE. I wonder if the honourable member from KERNOW can help me out please?:08:
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    Has anyone got or do you know anyone who has QUOOKER TAP ?? This is the one that can change from cold to boiling just by flicking a knob on it. Not that I want one , but I am wondering how much water go's down the sink before the required temperature is reached ? Surely it cant be cost...
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    Apparently the charity shops are being inundated with stuff cleared out in Lockdown. They are overloaded with stuff that is unsaleable. A used childs potty for instance and Workboots covered in concrete !To name but a couple of items.! It is costing them as much as the stuff is worth to get...
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    Can any one tell me an easy way to find the remote if it wanders off?? I've just spent 30 minutes looking for my SKY remote and was at my wits end !Under cushions, back of settee .Had I dropped it and inadvertently kicked under the settee ? You can't dial it from another remote like you can...
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    Tea mugs.

    What is the opinion of other people regarding tea mugs that are black inside? To bleach or not to bleach (that is the question )? :confused2: :eek2:
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    Now for something completely different ?

    Not owning a car, is there any rule about how big the letters and numbers on the plate should be ? There is one parked opposite me and the numbers etc areless than half size ! :confused2: :eyesroll:
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    Another of Life's Imponderable' s??

    Has anyone come up with an answer to the question.? :fp: If you do not fasten the end of the duvet, everything else in the washer insists on climbing inside it ??:13:
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    Just be aware of any parcels being left at your address. We have someone in our district doing "cheap" Christmas shopping. We have had parcels disappear from outside flat doors in my block alone. One woman lost half of an order of cosmetics the parcel had been cut open and some of the...
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    Driving conditions

    We came back up the M5 on Saturday and could not get over the number of cars "whipping " by us with no lights and well over the advised limit. Very cloudy with driving rain in places . Some people think it wont happen to them but unfortunately they cause it to happen to others.:fp:
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    Now I know that sport is becoming more inclusive. ! I've been watching Caribbean Cricket. There is one team of big strapping cricketing men who are advertising Ladies Sanitary Napkins on the backs of their shirts ! :08: :42:
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    PETER GREEN BBC 4 FRIDAY 9-30 "Man of the world " followed by FLEETWOOD MAC 11-00 PM "Dont Stop ""
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    Monty Python ??

    There's an advert for Halifax Building Society on T V at the moment.It features people sat at desks in the open , either a forest or a field. Am I showing my age by saying "AND NOW FOR SOMETHING COMPLETELY DIFFERENT AND HUMMING THE THEME TUNE ? :08::fp:
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    I live on a busy junction with parking bays marked near the kerb. There are signs around saying how long you can park.All of them say 2 hours free and no return after another 2 hours. The number of parker's that get out of their cars and go and stand at the sign then lock up and go .My question...
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    Losing track of days. in lock down!!

    Any one out there like me ??I watched CHEERING UP LUDOVIC again this week. His question....Is it Wednesday ?? (while he was upside down over the wall)struck a chord with me. I used to gauge my week by what we were doing on a given day. Since lock down started the days are mostly the same ...
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    I've been checking on the railway webcams over a few weeks. Strange thing, when the trains were running I used to see a fair amount of wildlife . ,a fox, and numerous little birds. several jays, a stoat (I think) Since the trains have stopped I've seen next to nothing. Not even the ubiquitous...
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    Happy birthday mate and many more !:03::)