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  1. Roger

    What's in Compos box???

    The first time we see it is in Isometrics and After. He shows it to Foggy, Clegg, Miss Moody and Nora Batty.
  2. Roger

    "Say when"......

    "our Seymour has sweeteners" according to Edie "which means they must be acceptable in educated circles"
  3. Roger


    Wally's favourite...
  4. Roger


  5. Roger

    Compo's Glory Hole Siren

    It would have been quite painful and possibly damaging to the ears if a real siren was operated in such a confined space.
  6. Roger

    Bright Future

    A Sidecar Named Desire?
  7. Roger

    Who Did

    Clegg said he had read some Harold Robbins in The Flag And Its Snags when he was trapped under the pole. It gave him nightmares about woodlice in his trousers.
  8. Roger

    A Bicycle Made for Tight Jeans and Metal Detector

    Dirk's shop was supposed to be an antiques shop although it was mainly filled with junk. Duggie's was more of a general second-hand clothing and household goods shop. We also see a change in Clegg's demeanour, at Dirk's he is relaxed and confident and is taking the mick out of Dirk, but at...
  9. Roger


    My friend has just had cataract surgery which he had been waiting 3 years for. Our local health trust has decided to clear the backlog by using a private hospital in Glasgow and taxis to get the patients there. The taxi firm is close to Borders General Hospital which is a 1 hour drive to where...
  10. Roger

    Unseen Stars

    Crusher's mother, mentioned in Enter The Phantom.
  11. Roger

    Filming location

    Glenda and Barry jogging in Happy Camping.
  12. Roger

    Holmfirth webcam

    It seems to be working now.
  13. Roger

    Unseen Stars

    Clem Overberry, he was "a bit a swine with the women" in The Self-Propelled Salad Strainer.
  14. Roger

    Unseen Stars

    Marina's mother.
  15. Roger

    Unseen Stars

    We see Smilers wife in That Certain Smile.
  16. Roger


    Welcome to the forum.
  17. Roger

    Brian's condition

    Get well soon Peri.
  18. Roger

    What Connects

    Ronnie Hazlehurst? I'm not sure about his connection to ABBA. Was he involved with Eurovision the year ABBA won? I think it was held in the UK that year.
  19. Roger

    Has anyone seen Nigel's Mug?

    I seem to recall from a previous post that @Peripheral said he bought one and had it hiding in a cupboard somewhere. Have you still got it Peri?
  20. Roger

    And another question

    If you're bringing up the rear then you are last. So you now have to add a season and a beverage. :02: