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    Gentle Comedies

    Absolutely true, and I agree - though it was explained that The Black Widow has watched Granville mature over the years. I suppose the reason this scenario came about is because Stephanie Cole was so young in OAH, and made up to look older, that when SOAH came along she was at the right age her...
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    A Bicycle Made for Tight Jeans and Metal Detector

    Yes, I've always thought that to be strange. I can only assume it is out of respect to the actor who played 'Dirk', a guest appearance by the actor Joe Melia. Having Joe Melia in a one-off episode, and then only referring to him a few episodes later may have been the wrong protocol. Of...
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    Gentle Comedies

    They did - Gregor Fisher was perfectly cast here, although I did feel the remake was too much of a drama instead of a comedy. I wouldn't mind them re-making some of the lost originals though.
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    Gentle Comedies

    The Vital Spark is a long forgotten gentle comedy from BBC Scotland, can be found on YouTube.
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    Filming location

    But Mr Summer Wine Land reckons the land in question appears in the first episode in 1973 (whether he means The Pilot Episode or Series 1 Episode 1 I do not know) and the final episode in 2010. And presumably some other episodes in between that...
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    Take care.
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    Massive Brain Block Over Joe Gladwin!

    Homing pigeon ha ha.
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    Massive Brain Block Over Joe Gladwin!

    Yes, I believe this was the first BBC 'film', which led to feature length film versions of Only Fools and Horses, and Just Good Friends. The thing about the episode Getting Sam Home is that in 1983, 8 years after Blamire left, we get to hear some more lines written for him, although this time...
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    Filming location

    If we all clubbed together and gave £200 or so each we could buy this...
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    Filming location

    Not sure what you'd DO with it, other than park your chip van there and catch the late night car trade. Can anyone identify which episodes and which scenes this has been in?
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    Brian's condition

    Take care Peri.
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    Massive Brain Block Over Joe Gladwin!

    They probably weren't in the novel because when the novel was published only the pilot and Series One had been shown, consisting of only two appearances of Nora Batty and none from Wally Batty.
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    Massive Brain Block Over Joe Gladwin!

    The main reason is probably because Nora and Wally are not in the original novel which this episode is based on. I THINK the only mention of the Battys is something like 'Five halves of bitter later they left having learned... the rudiments of the Wally Batty formula for bringing a sheen to the...
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    What Connects

    Don't tell me, Roy Clarke wrote all the ABBA songs. ;)
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    How odd

    I refuse to buy Oatibix. The original was Weet-A-bix, so this sister product should be called Oat-A-bix, but they called it Oat-I-bix. So I don't want it. :36:
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    Our friend has gone

    My condolences for your sad loss, will miss the pics.
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    Not Long to Go

    That's quite scary really. Imagine being in your early 50s, today, 2022, and you are going to make a half hour programme to be shown next year. (Like Peter Sallis in 1972.) And then, that you will continue making more episodes until 2059, the last to be shown in 2060. I haven't even thought...
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    Not Long to Go

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    John Shuttleworth!!

    It's just like something that would happen to John Shuttleworth in one of his programmes!
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    Sid's fish & chip van

    Do we know if any of these vehicles still exist or when they were last taxed?