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  1. Inky Batty

    Your top 10 favourite characters...

    I've been having a good think about this recently and it took me ages to come to a definitive answer, so I thought I'd start a thread with this question in mind. Now, there are no real rules of engagement, the title of the thread explains itself....over all the 31 series and taking everything...
  2. Inky Batty

    It ain't half hot mum

    Do we have any fans of the show here? Back in the day when I was a lad, this was a fixture of early Saturday evening entertainment. Grandstand/Final score. BBC news and then It ain't half hot mum. I have to say, I was only a young lad and didn't quite understand what it was all about, well, the...
  3. Inky Batty

    The Summer Wine Film thread

    I did a search a cursory search and nothing came up as a result. So... If it's not been done before... IF you've been to the Cinema recently, or seen a grand film that you think others would enjoy, post it here, if you fancy doing a review, all the better. If you've revisited an old film, it...
  4. Inky Batty

    Yuletide Fooltide

    Now then, as we have our feet well and truly under the December table, I thought it time we injected a bit of Christmas spirit into proceedings, so accordingly, your choices this week are all of the Foggy Xmas themed episodes and specials. The only difference is, as it's Xmas, you get two, 2...
  5. Inky Batty

    Holmfirth Five-Oh

    And in this weeks installment of the 'battle of the episodes', we have an absolute plethora of choice, fit for an early Xmas buffet. The link this week? Ah well, now that's a secret. You're welcome to have a guess mind. So, have a ponder, have a natter and cast a vote between these classic episodes.
  6. Inky Batty

    An Eastern Cat for Robin Hood

    Greetings to all and here is this weeks installment of the 'battle of the episodes' series. The link this week?? First appearances for later characters who then became part of the intrepid trio. On offer are what I consider to be three excellent episodes from what is the fourth or fifth...
  7. Inky Batty

    It's a vintage car you nit!

    Right, another straightforward teaser for you this weekend, but a tough one, because both are cracking episodes. The link? Well, it's Wesley obviously. The episode that brought him into the programme and the episode that cemented his long term role in it. I had to sit and chew over this one as I...
  8. Inky Batty

    The mobile Elvis

    As we had a more in depth and thought provoking poll at the weekend, here's a simple and straightforward one to take us through to next week. Lance and Ethel, beautifully played by Kenneth Cope and the wonderful Maggie Ollerenshaw, appeared in two episodes, which was your favourite? I like both...
  9. Inky Batty

    The King and Queen

    The subject of this weeks discussion and poll.....the most loved MARRIED couple in Summer Wine land. Some last longer than others, some younger than others, but I thought this was a worthy subject for discussion and you have the 5 long(ish) term and well established couple of the show. Hardly...
  10. Inky Batty

    The Third Man

    The subject of this weeks poll isn't an episode, rather a key, fundamental and maybe divisive issue of was your favourite Third Man in the show. Obviously there are five to choose from, although I can't see many votes for Hobbo to be honest. Anyway, who in your opinion was the best/your favourite?
  11. Inky Batty


    Now then ladies and gents, here is this weeks installment of 'battle of the episodes' and the link this week? Yep, it's Lenny from the Pickle factory. So, have a ponder and decide which of the tremendous threesome he appeared in goes best with your cheese sandwich. I really like all three, which...
  12. Inky Batty

    Blame Blamire for......this

    Here we have the third installment of the 'battle of the episodes' and this week the link is.......well, Blamire episodes obviously, BUT, I've given you my three favourite Blamire era episodes to choose the winner from. This is a really, really tough one for me, I had real trouble separating...
  13. Inky Batty


    Here we have the third installment of the battle of the episodes and the link this? Space travel. So, have a ponder and then decide which of these three beauties breaks the Final Frontier for you. I very much like all 3, but there is a clear winner for me.
  14. Inky Batty

    There was a man....

    he had a wife.... and she was double jointed!! Always cracks me up when Compo starts singing this and Foggy cuts him off. I can think of two episodes where he sings this. Can anyone name then? And better still, any advance on 2?
  15. Inky Batty


    After the overwhelmingly lukewarm response to the opener in this 'game', here we have installment number two. This week, the connection is obviously Bicycle in the title. So, which of these Three episodes tickles your fancy the most?
  16. Inky Batty


    I thought I'd start a thread and see what response it gets as to whether it could be a weekly thing. I'll post up 2, 3 or 4 episodes that may have a theme, or they be unrelated and I somehow associate them and you the great unwashed can have your vote and your say. Here is thread number one. I...
  17. Inky Batty

    Inebriation and it's effects

    Can you name an episode where a member or several, of the cast are either merry, inebriated or suffering from the effects of alcohol. I'll kick us off with The Black Widow where both Foggy and Compo are badly hungover after too much homebrew at Ernie Mordew's funeral tea.
  18. Inky Batty

    John Lennon

    Today would've been the great man's 80th Birthday. RIP John. One of my musical heroes and influences on my family and early life.
  19. Inky Batty

    The 'virtual' Grand National

    Apparently, in the absence of anything else to bet on, folks are lumping on this. Having said that, the real event is an utter lottery, so maybe it's a good idea! If I was to do a Forum sweepstake (for virtual money obviously), would anyone be interested?
  20. Inky Batty

    The music thread

    If there's a song you really like, it can be classical, pop or whatever, that you like, whether it be old or new, post it here for all of us to listen to. I'll kick us off with this.