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  1. Marianna

    Michael Aldrich's former house This is from 2019, and who knows how many times it had been redecorated since he and his wife lived there, but it's still possible to see that the house has good bones. Edit to...
  2. Marianna

    Has anyone noticed how tardy the Holmfirth webcam is?

    It hasn't changed since around lunchtime yesterday.
  3. Marianna

    Sid's Cafe reopens in the 17th

    Announced on Facebook
  4. Marianna

    For train buffs

    This is near my home, a bit east of here. My area got only about 2 feet of snow in that storm.
  5. Marianna

    Wallace and Gromit

    Only one of the clever scarecrows displayed throughout Holmbridge and photographed by a visitor for others to enjoy.
  6. Marianna

    South Central Upstate New York

    Just in case my location, as described in my profile, isn't perfectly clear to everyone:
  7. Marianna


    Further to the Shoutbox comments on rattlesnakes coming down from the tops of the surrounding hills. This isn't a local bear, but this scene isn't unusual here in the village and in the neighboring city in the spring, when the bears in the surrounding woods wake from hibernation.
  8. Marianna

    Bill Owen BBC Death Announcement 12 July 1999

    This was posted to the Last or the Summer Wine Forever Facebook group several hours ago. I hadn't seen it before.
  9. Marianna

    Station Road Cam

    Is anyone in contact with Martin Fulton, the owner of Your-PC, where the camera is located? When he announced the shop reopening date on Facebook, I commented asking if the web cam would be reinstated. He replied that it would be as soon as the power was on. The shop reopened on July 3rd, but...
  10. Marianna

    For Train Enthusiasts (tongue firmly in cheek)
  11. Marianna

    Happy New Year!

  12. Marianna

    Surreal Experience

    While lodging in Holmfirth last month, I started to take this shortcut from Huddersfield Road to one of the footbridges across the river, but stopped short because I was seeing Reggie dragging Howard up the stairs to show her a shop where she could buy a black dress to wear for Compo's funeral...
  13. Marianna

    Holmfirth History

    For anyone whose interest in Holmfirth extends beyond LOTSW, there's a potted history of the town @
  14. Marianna

    2020 Holmfirth Calendar

    Andrew Swales' Holmfirth and Huddersfield 2020 calendars are up for sale on his web site. I have the Holmfirth calendar for this year, and have thoroughly enjoyed each month's photo. I just ordered my Holmfirth calendar for next year via...
  15. Marianna

    Referring back to a very old post on an earlier version of this forum

    This was posted today on the Holmfirth History Facebook group. Several years ago, a member of this forum, might have been Barmpot, posted a photo of the derelict building. It was for sale at the time. The last time I passed it, two years ago, the roof and walls were gone, leaving only the floor...
  16. Marianna

    Shades of Jack Harry Teasdale

    Yesterday evening I watched a neighbor back his enormous caravan, which he hauls with a large, powerful, pickup truck, into a space behind his house that isn't more than two feet wider than the caravan. He needed no directing from outside the truck and he got it right on the first attempt. It's...
  17. Marianna

    Message posted by Jonathan Linsley on Last of the Summer Wine Forever re: the death of his wife

    "This is the most difficult post I have ever had to write on Facebook. It is with deep sadness i have to tell everyone that my beloved wife Frances passed away yesterday after a short and fierce battle with cancer. She was just 64 years old and strong and brave until she drew her last breath. I...
  18. Marianna

    Tenuously-related to LOTSW

    An on-line article about Myddelton House Gardens in Enfield mentions a corner of the garden called the "Irishman's Shirt". The name comes from the tale of a cheeky Irishman said to have asked someone if they'd kindly sew a shirt to his button. Reminded me of Compo asking Nora to sew a button on...
  19. Marianna

    Preparing for surgery

    I'm scheduled to have my bone-on-bone arthritic left shoulder joint replaced on May 28th. Barring the unexpected, I should be back home on the 29th, but might be incommunicado for a while after that, depending on how uncomfortable typing is. In addition, I'll be having frequent physical therapy...
  20. Marianna

    Walter's house (The New Mobile Trio)

    Does anyone know where that terrace is? On the Facebook Holmfirth History page, someone said that it's the Church Terrace underdwellings, the ones facing the door into the parish church tower. It's similar, but it doesn't seem quite right to me for either side of Church Terrace, either under or...