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    Warrington born Burt Kwouk died of cancer on 24-05-2016 in Hampstead aged 85.
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    Eli Duckett

    Sussex born Danny O'Dea died in a Hartshead, Yorkshire nursing home on 16 April 2003 aged 91. My neice had accompanied him from the nursing home for some LOTSW filming. They dropped Smiler off on their way back, she described both of them a gentlemen & a joy to be with.
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    Mr Wainwright Chief Librarian

    Barrow in Furness born Blake Butler died Bedford Park, London on 15 April 1981 aged 56.
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    Toby Mulberry Smith

    Durrington born Trevor Bannister died in Thames Ditton 14 April 2011 following a heart attack, he was aged 76.
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    This site gives locations/photos for various TV series.
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    Frank Thornton

    Dulwich born Truly died on 16-03-2013 in Barnes aged 92. Apparently Foggy recommended him as his replacement.
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    Dame Thora Hird

    Morecambe born Edie Pegden died 15-03-2003 aged 91 in Twickenham.
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    Bill Owen MBE

    Compo was born 14-03-1914 in Acton, Middlesex. He keeps appearing in films on the Talking Picture channel.
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    Joe Gladwin

    Salford born Wally died in Manchester on 11-03-1987 aged 81.
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    The Dewhursts of Ogleby Hall

    Just watched the episode and at the end the Tri o are sat outside the Butchers Arns then Smiler jumps of the bridge to escape Marina it switches back to the Trio this time they are sat opposite the White Horse.
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    Jonathan Linsley

    Crusher Milburn born in Bradford on 17 January 1956 I think his first appearance was in series 8 The Loxley Lozenge and his last appearance was in series 9 When You Take A Good Bite Yorkshire Tastes Terrible.
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    Frank Thornton

    Truly born today in 1921 in Dulwich, London he died in his sleep in Barnes, London aged 92 in 2013. II think he first appeared in Beware of the Oglethorpe in January 1998 and he was in the final episode.
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    Cyril Blamire

    India born Michael Bates died on 11 January 1978 in Chelsea aged 57 from cancer.