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  1. Pearl

    Close Encounters of the Third Kind.

    Watch the first 15 minutes and tell me the contention to Summer Wine.
  2. Pearl


    Today marks 10 years since Dick was incarcerated in this forum, at the parole board meeting we have decided he's still a danger to society so must serve another 10 year. Sorry Dick no time off for good behaviour because lets face it you've spent so much time in the corner it's now actually...
  3. Pearl

    RIP Lily Bless Her

    Sad news that Lynda Barron aka Lily Bless Her has passed away.
  4. Pearl

    Amazon, Saving the Planet again.

    One small window scraper needs a cardboard envelope, a medium box and half a tree worth of packing!
  5. Pearl


    The unsung essential cast members.
  6. Pearl

    Robert Fife's Funeral Today

    I know you'll all agree that Robert will be missed by many people
  7. Pearl


    So... This will tickle you a bit. My complete box set is starting to get scratched and sticks in places so I've been replacing the disks by buying second hand series where I find them. Today I was watching Why Does Norman Clegg Buy Ladies Elastic Stockings when it started to skip and freeze...
  8. Pearl

    Foggys War Story.

    Looks like a diagram of one of Foggys war stories.
  9. Pearl

    Peter's Headstone.

    Seems Peter has a Headstone at last.
  10. Pearl

    Auntie Margaret is Not Happy.

    Auntie Margaret isn't happy, now my Aunt Margaret is in her 70s never married and loves a good drama on tv, she doesn't do internet or hyper space as she calls it so she just watches the main tv channels. I ring her every week to see how's doing and she clues me up on what's good to watch, last...
  11. Pearl


    Remembering I'm not really a sports fan but I've been engrossed in this football super league debacle for some reason so I was wondering what your thoughts where on the fiasco? From my understanding the story goes like this ( and this is one of the few times anyone can call me wrong ) rich club...
  12. Pearl

    Happy Mothers Day

    A happy mothers day to everyone. This is my favourite present so far today. When I wear I'll really really mean it.
  13. Pearl


    I think Tony has been practicing his witchcraft
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  15. Pearl

    I Know Someone Like That.

    In this thread I thought it might be good to see if anyone knows or knew a real person that resembles a character. Whenever I hear Foggy tell a war story it reminds me of a security guard that worked at a factory I worked at, he used to follow me around telling me about incidents that supposedly...
  16. Pearl

    Howard and Marina, Cracking It.

    How many ways did Howard and Marina crack it? One answer each. Bird watching.
  17. Pearl

    Snow Here in the Midlands.

    We don't usually get this amount.
  18. Pearl

    COVID Vaccine.

    Today I'm getting my first COVID vaccine, I'll keep you all posted on any side effects I have, if any. I'm hoping by putting it out there it might ease any fears some people might have. I've read all the information from reputable sources and I'm really looking forward to getting this done.
  19. Pearl

    Seymour's Wife

    We currently have a poll going on in our Facebook group asking what Seymour's wife is called the amount of people getting wrong has surprised me. Anyone want to have a go?
  20. Pearl

    Calendar Post and Competition.

    Over on our Facebook group I've been posting a picture from my Summer Wine calendar every month and having a little fun with renaming the month, next year I'm doing the same but I'm adding a little competition with it. So in this thread I'll add the picture, my version on the months name and a...