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  1. cornishman

    Shopping. Now, which one shall I buy?

    The big one or the smaller?
  2. cornishman

    Wierd M$ Effect

    A software engineer friend of mine sent me this piccy that was originally sent to him yesterday by one of his customers. Apparently all the workstations at the customers site were displaying microsoft logo's as an upside down mirror image. Wierd!
  3. cornishman

    Cluster Headaches

    Does anybody else on here suffer from "Cluster Headaches"? If you don't know what I'm talking about do a google for Cluster headaches or visit HERE. I suffer from what are called "Episodal Cluster Headaches" meaning every year, for a period of about three months they spontaneously occur...
  4. cornishman

    Should "we" be worried?

    Just seen that included in the brexit agreement are references to old technology: So how much more was "copied and pasted" I wander?
  5. cornishman

    Snow - Where?

    Just seen an article on an on-line news page which explained that in Staffordshire (UK) there had been so much snow that cars had to be abandoned, and displayed the following image of the "so much snow" What can I say, when I was in the States that would be regarded as a light dusting, when...
  6. cornishman

    Should I be worried

    Just been on my energy providers site, into my account. I have a so-called "smart meter". Just took a screeny of the most recent readings According to my calculations that would make my next bill in the region of £17500.00 If the meter is that smart how can a previous reading be higher than...
  7. cornishman

    Anybody a Beatles fan?

    Well, if you are you REALLY need to see this If you can't see this, or the link won't work due to your location simply do a youtube/video search for "Beatles get back"
  8. cornishman

    From the shoutbox

    dick: I held my wife as she died and watched the light go out of her eyes. Still miss her !: frown2: Today at 9:29 AM mikey1965uk...
  9. cornishman

    Random Question 01

    So, what sign wasn't Marina born under?
  10. cornishman

    Yet another boo boo

    Wonder if this guy should really be there? Seen in the episode "Who's Thrown Her Tom Cruise Photographs Away".
  11. cornishman

    Murphy's law-again!

    So, looked out my window, saw beautiful clear blue sky as far as the eye can see, so decision made. Go put my walking boots on, don the fleece and cagoule, pick up the stick and go out the front door.......mistake! Sky is now black as a ravens armpit, heavens are emptying themselves and it's...
  12. cornishman

    Another example of (google) favouritism!

    So you tell your Google Chrome browser to delete your user data/cache. Yep, it'll do it BUT not the google or youtube cache/data That's yet another reason I wouldn't use Chrome :cheek:
  13. cornishman

    Sids Cafe for Rick

    here ya go bud Image is Copyright Google Earth 2020
  14. cornishman

    Misnomer, though spookily accurate.

    Was in my local bakery this morning (yes Terry, for THAT :08: ) and heard a customer talking to one of the Ladies behind the counter about "coroners virus", wonder if they realised how true that is!!
  15. cornishman

    R.I.P. Eddie Van Halen

    Eddie Van Halen died today. One of the Worlds greatest rock guitarists. R.I.P. He first came to my attention watching the movie "Twister", during the credits, at the end of the movie a track of amazing music suddenly pounced out at the listener. I was transfixed, normally I'd leave the cinema...
  16. cornishman

    Had me in fits of laughter

    An attempt to license the track by Johnny Cash, "Ring of fire", for use in an advert for a haemorrhoid relief cream was refused by the Cash family.
  17. cornishman

    Howard reserved?

    So Pearl says Howard missed the war because of his "reserved occupation"......... what was it?
  18. cornishman

    Forum Down-Time 25th August

    Guys and Gals, the forums and website will be unavailable tomorrow morning (Tuesday 25th Aug) from about 0800 for an hour. Those damn Cornish Piskies have been gnawing on the wires again!
  19. cornishman

    One for you Terry

    My friend Paul had a customer send him an image of the computer he uses to monitor the pig-feed on his farm. Paul is an experienced techy, and the question the customer was asking was can Paul work out why the computer wasn't booting? Looks like the mouse got fed up with being out in the cold on...
  20. cornishman

    Feel-good factor just sky-rocketed!

    A couple of weeks ago my main computer motherboard died on me, I purchased a new one, though a little down-market. It niggled me for a couple of reasons, firstly it was a particularly good and fairly new board and secondly because I was convinced the only problem was with what is called the BIOS...