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  1. Pearl


    After seeing the title of this thread I was poised to go to war in defence of female based products.
  2. Pearl

    Bright Future

    The Glory Hole.
  3. Pearl

    Who Did

    Sid in Tight Jeans and Metal Detector. He'd had some startling news about Compo and dropped the cups. Ivy thought he'd being seen with Mrs Jessop. Ivy could see it coming since he started reading Harold Robins.
  4. Pearl

    A Bicycle Made for Tight Jeans and Metal Detector

    I dont think it's strange at all in fact if you go to Holmfirth you'll 5 or 6 second hand/charity shops. I remember several in my area when I was a child and every other shop in town is now a secondhand shop. Pawn shops are all over the place so I'd have said it's fairly standard in a small...
  5. Pearl

    Relax - It's Sunday

    I'm cleaning! Things still get mucky on a Sunday. Then I'm ironing!
  6. Pearl

    How odd

    Good grief, that's a bit of a leap!
  7. Pearl

    Not Long to Go

    Something to look forward to in middle age!
  8. Pearl

    Not Long to Go

    That's interesting, I'd like to see it picked up by a station that doesn't show adverts but ( for now ) that's only the BBC. I'd like to think maybe Netflix or similar would pick it up. Like Wstol asked would that mean the entire 30 years worth or just the older ones?
  9. Pearl

    Product Placement

    Him in doors doesn't like the one I have.
  10. Pearl

    Product Placement

    Next time I'm there I'll check it out, been think of getting another one.
  11. Pearl

    Where are you Dick?

    I will Rick.
  12. Pearl

    Product Placement

    Good stuff that Vim, took the skin off your hands too.
  13. Pearl

    Product Placement

    Seen Opal Fruits a few times too and Marathons.
  14. Pearl

    Product Placement

    Edie uses Vim cleaner. On a side note the powders where much better than the stuff you get today.
  15. Pearl

    Where are you Dick?

    I can confirm he's ok but until I get permission from his family I can't say anything else.
  16. Pearl

    Product Placement

    Norman Clegg buys a lot of Sun-Pat peanut butter whilst waiting for Marinas till to become available right next to the Polo mints.
  17. Pearl

    Product Placement

    Nora uses Sunlight washing up liquid.
  18. Pearl


    So that's everyone accounted for? I think we're going to have to start doing a roll call once a week. The lock job sounds amazing.
  19. Pearl


    Blaymaire in the library with the lead pipe! Oh sorry wrong group! In The Changing Face of Rural Blaymaire.
  20. Pearl

    Close Encounters of the Third Kind.

    The kid the aliens take is called Barry! His mother is wondering through the woods shouting " Barrrrrreeee "