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    Then & now.

    This is on the lane just to the side of map location 109. Just down from the rising sun campsite.
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    Kathy Staff. Dunkinfield.

    Just came across this on youtube, though worth sharing.
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    Splinter removal

    If anyone would like their necks squeezed, Crusher is planning on another Holmfirth visit from the 21st of Jan for a few days. Weather & covid permitting.
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    Aunties at Halloween

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    Tunnel end Inn.

    As promised, an up to date photo of the pub. Now a house but good to see that they have kept the lantern over the door & still displaying the hanging baskets.
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    Barry & Glendas house

    Here's an up to date photo of B & G's home. Whilst the owner is entitled to do whatever they want, in my opinion I think they have spoilt it by 'modernizing' it !
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    News flash!

    Just found out that CLEGGY'S HOUSE IS FOR SALE. £285,000. Agent W M Sykes. Wow, if only.
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    Summer wine mags

    Does anyone know how many different editions were produced over the years? & could you upload cover photos of them so we can see which ones we are missing from our collection. They dont seem to date. Many thanks in advance.
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    I have found a location that is new to me, & not on the map. How about posting photos of ones that You have stumbled across? This is on Longley edge lane. We have stayed a stone's throw from here & not noticed it!
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    Collectors item on Ebay.

    There's a wesley shed finial sign on Ebay JWJ HOLMFIRTH jst needs painting green. Not for sale by me, and I already have one on my garage, so nows your chance to get one & i can tell you they don't turn up very often. Item No 393056703992. Good luck.
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    WRH 132J in 2020

    Hi all summer wine fans, just letting you know that 'Edie' as I call her, is alive and well & now displaying a new rear window sticker. Merry Christmas to you all. Graham.