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  1. Pearl

    Greetings from the Scottish Borders

    Welcome Roger, I love your part of the world, I'll be heading up there in a few weeks.
  2. Pearl

    Map Update

    Where's the like button gone? Have Google lost that too?
  3. Pearl


    I watch that, I was in bits thinking about those poor parents, waiting nearly 2 weeks thinking their kids were dead, is have been an utter basket case, the mo ment they found them was truely amazing.
  4. Pearl


    We're having new Windows fitted and the man from Needhams came to give us a quote, I asked if there would be more than one fitter because last time we had the bedroom windows done they sent one bloke and I had to help him lower the old window down the ladder because he couldn't do it on his own...
  5. Pearl

    The Names Bond... James Bond.

    If The rumars are true and Idris Elba is going to be the next James Bond I just might start watching them again. Daniel Craig was a bit pants, his heart isn't in it and he's not enjoying it, which really shows up on screen. And while I'm on the subject it would be nice to have the stories go...
  6. Pearl

    Mud 7

    Like I say, I'm not saying I do all those obstacles, I'm more of a get muddy and jump of cliffs kinda gal but I do enjoy the atmosphere. Looking at it again both my daughters are in that clip, the clip of a bottom rolling over barrels is one.
  7. Pearl

    Mud 7

    This is from last year.
  8. Pearl

    Mud 7

    I think essentially I'm just a dirt girl. I'm not saying I get over those obstetrical s, I mainly just wallow in the muddy bits and through myself off cliffs.
  9. Pearl

    Mud 7 My daughter and son in law are in this and I'll be doing it tomorrow.
  10. Pearl

    Scottish Loch Trout

    Sounds lovely, I've never tried trout. Dick man, what you doing?
  11. Pearl

    Nice Picture....But

    Yes you're right it is. So that wouldn't be there either.
  12. Pearl

    Nice Picture....But

    Probably all the gas piping.
  13. Pearl

    Nice Picture....But

    The thing near the pipe is an air vent, usually associated with central heating. The thing near the door is the house number plate, with it being a PVC door you cant't drill holes in them so you have your number on a plate next to it.
  14. Pearl

    Nice Picture....But

    Vent on the wall.
  15. Pearl

    Nice Picture....But

    Telephone wires.
  16. Pearl

    Box Set

    I have them all but some are getting very warn, I'll need to replace some series soon so when I saw that I thought " what the hell " and my Scottish blood was doing cart wheels at the price.
  17. Pearl

    Box Set

    Just bought the complete collection from CEX for £60. I was waiting for the price to go down, I was willing to spend £80 but getting it for £60 I'm well chuffed. :01::01:
  18. Pearl

    Just as Well

    Captain I'm sorely tempted to throw songs at you and a subject and ask you to rewrite the song to match the subject
  19. Pearl

    Who Called Who

    Foggy to Compo in Foggys Niblic. If that's the one I think he said Frog Face.
  20. Pearl


    I had those, worked great but made me feel even more rubbish that the infection