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  1. Beth

    Getting Sam Home.

    Wondering what you all feel is your favorite parts of this episode.
  2. Beth

    Mending Stuart's Leg

    I love to watch the towns people and I noticed in the beginning of this episode as the men are walking that a bald man walks in front of them. What caught my eye though is he starts to step out as the trio walks by but stops and holds his position which looks odd and then as he darts out...
  3. Beth

    Uncle of the Bride

    I just watched Uncle of the Bride for the first time and the funniest part in my opinion was when Wally was breaking in his squeaky shoes. Watching his legs cracked me up. He must have been a great dancer seeing how limber he was. What was your favorite part?
  4. Beth

    It's Chris' Birthday!

    Happy birthday chris! :)
  5. Beth

    Moving in with my cousin

    You are all my family so I thought I should share this. I have been off work for some time. I have been on short-term disability for anxiety and severe depression. I am doing 100% better and ready to go back to work next week. I was planning on moving to a cheaper apartment due to my...
  6. Beth

    my daughter Ashley

    While in Mexico took an 8 ft fall today. She amazingly came out of the hospital with no broken bones but is on strong medicine for pain. Had to share with my extended family. :) I should add that I feel blessed because it could have been so much worse.
  7. Beth

    Ed Sheeran

    I just heard him for the first time (through my daughter) and i am a fan of his singing and music, and I was pleasantly surprised to find he was born in Halifax. Do you all like him?
  8. Beth

    Daughter Ashley going to Mexico

    I shared this on Facebook but wanted to share this here as well. Ashley is leaving for Mexico this weekend. It is an internship for school. She will be leading teams in building houses for the needy there. When she was little she played with Legos and train sets. She would always be...
  9. Beth

    Whatever happened to the real Breaking News!

    I remember back in the day when the news would be on and we would get a general update of what was going on in the world. Please don't take this the wrong way. I am a very sensitive person and I am very sympathetic for the family members of Flight 370, but can't we just get updates when...
  10. Beth

    Thank you LOTSW family!

    I understand that many of you were concerned about me while I went "missing". I ended up in the hospital and during that time I had no access to reach anyone. I would be glad to explain through personal message. I understand many of you went out of your way to make sure I wasn't hurt or worse...
  11. Beth

    Getting Sam Home

    I found this on utube and watched last night. Pearl-Susan mentioned that this was her favorite episode so I had to find it. At first, I thought this was the most depressing episode I had seen because of the tragedy of Sam and his wife seemed more abusive than Nora would ever be, but after the...
  12. Beth

    My daughter's birthday is today.

    Ashley is 20 years old. I can't believe 20 years have gone by. She will be finishing up her 2nd year at Purdue University. It looks like she will be completing her internship in Mexico; there a couple of more options (Japan, the Phillipines or Wales) but more than likely she will be there...
  13. Beth

    Pictures from the 1980's

    What do you guys think of posting our 1980's pictures here on the forum. We could use the anniversary date of LOTSW or just anytime in the 80's. I was just thinking it would be fun to see us with the big hair and as Pearl-Susan reminded me of the shoulder pads. Just a thought....
  14. Beth

    Shooting at my daughter's college.

    I had quite a scare today after work. There was a shooting at the Purdue University campus where my daughter attends school. There was a victim that was targeted and killed. The incident happened at the same building my daughter attends classes in. They are now on a lock down and classes will...
  15. Beth

    Computer Problems

    I have Norton security and have no virus but it is running slow. I have some "registry" errors that is showing by companies that want me to purchase. One is called ScanGuard and the other is PCPro. Have any of you ever heard of these companies and PC Healthboost. Shouldn't there be something...
  16. Beth

    Ancestry Research (Question for any of you history buffs)

    I have made a breakthrough with one lineage of my ancestry. I tracked this woman to the 1600's showing that she is English with the last name Tool or Toole. My problem is that in the 1600's, they are only showing the men that immigrated during that time so now I am stuck to find out where she...
  17. Beth

    Cornishman, a New Year's baby! Happy Birthday!!

    I just noticed that Cornishman's birthday is New Year's day. Best wishes Cornishman! Thank you for all you do for our Wino family! :respect:
  18. Beth

    New Year Resolutions anyone?

    Does anyone have any New Year resolutions to share with anyone? I have one. (I always try to have about 5 and it never works. :D) My daughter wants to run in the Indianapolis 500 Mini-Marathon and she wants me to do this with her. :o So my resolution is to sign up :D and then finish it...
  19. Beth

    Who's Got Rhythm?

    Lot's of good "one-liners" in this one which makes it one of my new favorites. My favorite line is from Foggy. He's responding to seeing Compo with his trousers falling around his ankle out near a field. "Cover yourself up that man! What's the sheep going to think if he sees you like that. How...
  20. Beth

    Happy Anniversary Gough and Jessie

    What is Barry saying that he wants throughout this episode? I can't make it out. Sounds like Hi Fi.... :P