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    Cast Remembered

    How come some cast members who had left or died, were never mentioned again, it's as though they had just vanished into fresh air.
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    How much would Eli and Billy Hardcastle win on Bullseye, with their deadly darts and arrows, besides BFH {Bus Fare Holmfirth}.
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    Change of Roles

    The Real Housewives of Holmfirth: Ivy,Nora Batty, Pearl, Glenda, Edie, Nelly. The Magnificent Seven: Compo, Clegg, Foggy, Sid, Wally Batty, Howard, Barry.
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    Who would you like to be nursed by: Nora Batty, Pearl. or Marina ? My choice would be Marina, she works in the Supermarket, she's fast on her bike for shopping and a wacky sense of humour to cheer you up.
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    Besides the 3 main characters, who would you like to Self-Isolate with? My choice would be, Alvin, Electric Entwistle and Auntie Wainright.
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    Title songs

    Can you name a UK, TV series, where the the Title of the show is included with the tile song i.e. Only Fools and Horses, One Foot in the Grave, May to December.
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    Smart Meter

    Do you think Compo, would have benefited from a Smart Meter, or was it cheaper for him to have his 'leccy' cut off?
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    Brenda as Miss Marple

    My wife and i, went to see A Murder Is Announced at Blackpool Grand Theatre this week, Brenda (Sarah Thomas ) played Miss Marple, she played the part very well.
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    Jean Fergusson

    Does anyone know when her funeral is?
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    It Never Dates

    In my opinion LOTSW never dates and always seems fresh. unlike some sitcoms like Bread, Butterflies. Reginald Perrin, To the Manor Born, The Good Life etc: What do you think. about some sitcoms, which have not stood the test of time?
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    Earthy v Genteel

    The first few episodes of LOTSW with Blamire, was in my opinion more earthy than the later episodes. They were more gritty and Cleggy was smoking and Compo was swearing like a trooper. There was political differences between Bill Owen (Labour) and Michael Bates (Conservative), which Roy Clarke...
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    Altered Ego's

    Characters Related to Songs,TV Shows and Films. Compo=Only Fools and Horses Work. Clegg=Love Thy Neighbour. Foggy=Soldier Blue. Nora Batty=Susan Boyle. Seymour=Goodbye, Mr. Chips. Wesley=Grease. Jane Freeman =Breakfast at Tiffany's. Marina=Some Like It Hot. Policemen=Z Cars. Eli=Mr...
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    Roy Clarke

    Did he go on film locations, on a regular basis?
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    Hobdyke (Russ Abbot)

    I know he came in for some criticism from some fans, but i liked him, and Electric Entwistle and Alvin got some great laughs out of him.
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    Nora's Fallout with Compo and Tom

    Tom has stated that they fell out with Nora as she ''Bad Mouthed them Both'', what was the reason for this animosity?
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    Sunnybank Guest House

    Has it closed down ?
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    Billy Hardcastle

    Why was Billy Hardcastle written out of the show ? By the way, i'm wearing a compression stocking on my leg, due to vascular disease, when i get wrinkles in them, i look like Nora Batty.
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    Order has Arrived

    Just to let you know, my order has arrived from the Summer Wine Shop.
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    Belated Report

    Sorry about the delay on our experience on our visit to Holmfirth. Since, I got home i've been swamped with visits to my GP and Hospital appointments, every Doctor i've seen has led to another visit to another Hospital. We really enjoyed our visit to Holmfirth, we stayed at the Sunnybank...
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    Disabled Parking

    We are staying in Holmfirth this coming Monday and Tuesday, where's the best places for Disabled Parking in the Town Centre area?