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  1. Blue summer

    Why no new DVD's?

    Cheers Rick, i do use ebay quite a bit, depends what i'm looking for, don't use it much for selling stuff though, i can be a bit of a hoarder! ;)
  2. Blue summer

    Why no new DVD's?

    Well, thanks to Terry for guiding me to Amazon, which as i mentioned, i use quite often but it never dawned on me to check if any new Summer Wine DVD's were available, i used to buy them from Anyway, i got series 25-26 last week, so only three more sets to buy, then i'll have the lot. :37:
  3. Blue summer

    Drone Users

    I've only just seen this post Terry, it interests me as a drone user/owner. I've had an Audio/Visual production studio since 2001, incorporating two record labels and a music publishing company, which were launched in 2004 to cater for the increase in bands and solo artists wishing to release...
  4. Blue summer

    Happy Birthday Pearl

    Happy Birthday Pearl, just seen the posts, so hope you had a nice day. x
  5. Blue summer

    Still Open All Hours?

    I've never seen an episode of SOAH and i'm not all that bothered about seeing it. I have a problem with re-makes, sometimes they are best left well alone. I did try Green green grass but i couldn't really get into it. I think the best re-make, if you can actually call it that, was "In sickness...
  6. Blue summer

    New Still Game

    Glad this brilliant programme has been talked about on the form. I first "found" it on BBC2 in late 2005 and took to it straight away, although i've always been a fan of Rab C, so i didn't struggle too much with the dialect. I bought the box set a few years ago but i've also downloaded series 7...
  7. Blue summer

    Helo from North Wales.

    Yes thanks, would be a good idea, keep things tidy i suppose? Cheers.
  8. Blue summer

    Helo from North Wales.

    Cheers Capt'n, good to be back. Noticed when i looked at the members list, my old user name is still there with all the posts and answers i put down, thought they would have been long gone. Have a good New Year. :18:
  9. Blue summer

    Why no new DVD's?

    Thanks Terry, the old grey cells are letting me down yet again, i use Amazon quite a bit but it never entered my head to check on there, i assumed they had just stopped releasing them. Strange one though, i've actually been watching series 23/24 today which shows just Truly and Clegg on the...
  10. Blue summer

    What's your favourite episode?

    My favorite is "Dried Dates and Codfanglers" from the Seymour era but in the Blamire series, it has to be "Hail smiling morn or thereabouts", the part where they come out of the barn in the morning and the flute music is playing always gets to me for some reason, it only plays for a few seconds...
  11. Blue summer

    Why no new DVD's?

    I started buying the DVD sets around 2005 i think it was, much delight when the episodes featuring Blamire came out. I started taping the episodes from TV back in 1984, when i bought my first VHS recorder, a Sharp front loader that cost £500!! I can remember some of the first episodes i...
  12. Blue summer

    Helo from North Wales.

    Cheers RickAns, been a while. I think it was when the forum changed a touch and i couldn't log back in, so we had to change passwords...maybe? My user name was originally BluprintZ but thought i would change it, new year on the way so new name.
  13. Blue summer

    Trying to find an episode.

    Thanks Louise, once you mentioned the episode, i had one of those DOH! moments. It's probably because it isn't one of my most favorite episodes, although three others on that compilation are. I watched it this morning and of course it all came back, must be a few years since i watched it, which...
  14. Blue summer

    Helo from North Wales.

    Thanks Terry and cheers for the message. :)
  15. Blue summer

    Trying to find an episode.

    I might be barking up the wrong tree hare but i seem to remember an episode, where the trio (i'm sure Foggy was in it) wanted some Holly for Xmas decorations and they went to a big house in it's own grounds. I'm sure it was Foggy who went to talk to the lady of the house and ask if he could buy...
  16. Blue summer

    Helo from North Wales.

    Hi all, i was a member of the forum some years back but let it slip after it had a revamp. Anyway, hope you all had a good Christmas and are ready for the New Year. I have a couple of questions, so i'll bog off now and have a wander around the forum.
  17. Blue summer

    Margaret Thatcher has Died

    Obviously some of the members aren't "nice, kind folks". Maybe some of you need to read up on some political history before commenting!! Byee! G ; (
  18. Blue summer

    LOTSW Fans....

    I also used to be on the old forum, i think it was back in 2005 when i joined and then due to lack of funding to keep it going, it just remained static and nothing more was added to it if i remember rightly. Then i found this site and forum and i agree with other comments, i've become quite fond...
  19. Blue summer

    Foggy's first run or second - which was best?

    Probably his first run, he didn't seen quite the same when he returned somehow, although some of the episodes were good but overall, i think i preferred the earlier Foggy. G ; )
  20. Blue summer

    Barry's first run or second - which was best?

    I think i preferred the earlier Barry to be honest. In his second run, i felt that the parts where Glenda was calling him a monster for thinking he was carrying on with other women. It was starting to get on my wick slightly, with Glenda being rather nasty with him and then all smiles again when...