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  1. Blue summer

    Why no new DVD's?

    I started buying the DVD sets around 2005 i think it was, much delight when the episodes featuring Blamire came out. I started taping the episodes from TV back in 1984, when i bought my first VHS recorder, a Sharp front loader that cost £500!! I can remember some of the first episodes i...
  2. Blue summer

    Trying to find an episode.

    I might be barking up the wrong tree hare but i seem to remember an episode, where the trio (i'm sure Foggy was in it) wanted some Holly for Xmas decorations and they went to a big house in it's own grounds. I'm sure it was Foggy who went to talk to the lady of the house and ask if he could buy...
  3. Blue summer

    Helo from North Wales.

    Hi all, i was a member of the forum some years back but let it slip after it had a revamp. Anyway, hope you all had a good Christmas and are ready for the New Year. I have a couple of questions, so i'll bog off now and have a wander around the forum.
  4. Blue summer

    Was this the real ending?

    Just been looking at the episode listing and realised that by Series 24, 5th January 2003, The Lair Of The Cat Creature would probably be around the realistic time of 30 years of the programme, as it began in January 1973. For me personally, that was also around the time that it started to be...
  5. Blue summer

    Just bought series 23/24, odd tracklisting.

    Anyone else had a similar problem? Discs one and two are fine, what is on the disc corresponds to what is on the tracklisting on the back cover. However, discs three and four are not, what is on the discs, isn't what is on the tracklisting, very odd, not had this problem before. Plus, "Beware of...
  6. Blue summer

    Bit of help needed.

    I've been trying to find the episode on the Seymore era DVD's (9/10-11/12), where the trio are playing an impromptu game, the locals are watching Seymore bowling to Clegg. I've watch all of the episodes and i'm beginning to think i've a box set missing, please say this isn't so! Anybody know...
  7. Blue summer

    Look what i got for my birthday.

    My son was in Holmfirth last weekend with the family, so he nipped into the cafe for a tea and a sticky bun but they didn't have any, so he had a scone instead. He bought me the tea towel and my youngest doughter got the poster and card off the internet. As you can see, my kids were brought up...
  8. Blue summer

    Bicycle Bonanza.

    Just been watching Bicycle bonanza and noticed that as the trio ride into a farmyard, after "hiring" the bikes off Aunty Wainright, Clegg gets off his bike and starts messing with it, whilst Compo and Foggy are chatting. Foggy then says "c`mon Clegg" and Cleggy waves, with his back to "us"...
  9. Blue summer

    New Forum design.

    Whilst i'm sure that there were valid reasons for altering the style of the forum, i would like to know what prompted it. I don't have a real problem with the new layout as such, although one thing that has concerned me, is that with the old forum, the latest posts would show in the catagories...
  10. Blue summer

    A bit shocked.

    Had a strange one this evening! A mate turned up at my place with his missus, to pick some motorcycle parts up that he wanted from me. I had "Who's looking after the cafe" episode on the DVD player. His missus said "oh my god, you don't like this sh*te do you?". I answered that i'd been...
  11. Blue summer

    Ice crystals in low cloud trapped light from the nearby Yorkshire town of Holmfi

    Just spotted this, i wonder if it's Nora and Compo having a look down through the couds? G ; )
  12. Blue summer

    Summer wine on Freeview!

    Wow, just flicking through the channels on the telly and came across THREE eposodes of Summer wine on Freeview, on channel 12, the channel is called Yesterday. Leir of the cat creature. Ancient eastern wisdom.. A pick up of the later ming dynasty. Brilliant. G ; )
  13. Blue summer

    What a waste?

    It was one of those rainy days today, not much work to do in the studio, so i thought i would have a couple of hours watching some Summer Wine DVD's. I noticed on quite a few episodes, when the trio go into the cafe for a cup of tea and a sticky bun, there are a number of times when they leave...
  14. Blue summer


    The forum seems very quiet lately, except for the jokes section. I'm wondering if the fact that Summer wine has ended, that most of the topics that were posted while the programme was running, are not there to talk about any more? Has the site been altered? I'm having problems finding my way...
  15. Blue summer

    A bit cringeworthy?

    Before i start, this isn't in any way meant to be a negative thread, i'm just interested if anyone else has this "problem" with some of the episodes? I've just been watching series 1 & 2, Disc four on the DVD box set that i've had for a while now. The one episode that i really struggle to...
  16. Blue summer

    They just don't get they?

    I've just been reading some of the public comments on the various news pages about the ending of Summer wine. Most people are sad about it but there are quite a few distasteful remarks about how it should have been axed years ago. Some of the comments range from "three old men in a bathtub" to "...
  17. Blue summer

    Mill fire in Haworth.

    I've just come across this on another forum. I have checked and doesn't seem to be on here. G ; )
  18. Blue summer

    Appearences by Roy Clarke.

    I've just finished watching "Deep in the heart of Yorkshire" with my tea, as i do occasionally and i'm sure i spotted Roy Clarke in the bar scene, just after the lads have left the cafe, having been on the worong end of Ivy's wooden spoon. How many other episodes has Mr Clarke featured in? G ; )
  19. Blue summer

    Any more DVD Releases planned?

    Seeing as the Beeb aren't likely to budge on keeping the programme running, what chance is there of all the series being released on DVD? I think it's a fair exchange. G ; )
  20. Blue summer

    Anyone else seen this?

    Just browsing and came across this: Hope this is of some use, i'm just about to order. I do have all of the episodes on VHS tape but unfortunately, they aren't in very good nick anymore, after 20-odd years of playing. G ; )