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    Local PBS Station

    Our local PBS station started showing Summer Wine Saturday. It hasn't been on in many years so I was excited. I was especially excited as the info said it was the pilot episode. I've never seen it and had hubs quickly set the DVR to record it. Well, it was "Return of the Warrior" and not the...
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    Not Happy Birthday

    I just received a birthday wish from the forum. Not sure how it came about that birthday is tomorrow and I'm 65. It is actually June 18 and I'm not 65. It was a nice gesture no matter the date. Nancy
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    Just a Small Funeral

    We watched this episode again last night. I am absolutely amazed that something so sad can be so funny. I was touched at Pearl's kindness towards Clegg and reminded again why I don't like Auntie Wainwright.
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    The first time I received an email with a "like" post, I wasn't happy. The forum's version of Facebook, which I do not like. A couple of them I changed my mind. Well, I still don't like Facebook, but at least I know someone is reading my posts. It can get discouraging to post and not have...
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    What a pleasant surprise to find that Waldo is funny - sometimes hysterically. I was disappointed to see him show up when I saw the first episode years ago. He's not so bad.
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    New To Me Series

    My husband was getting tired of watching the same episodes of Summer Wine and said to get some of the later ones. I said I didn't want the ones without Compo as they would be too sad to watch. He said get them anyway as he might like them. Well, I bought 1999, 2000, 2001 and 2002. We've...
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    Early Episodes

    Has anyone heard if the episodes from 1973 & 1975 will be on dvd soon? Are they out and I just can't find them?:
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    All Mods Con?

    I recently read a book titled "The Loud Halo", by Lillian Beckwith. It is a semi autobiographical account of her time in the Hebrides. One of the chapters was titled, "All Mods Con?". What are the odds that it would be the same as a Summer Wine episode, minus the question mark? This one was...
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    Clegg and Alcohol

    Last night I was watching "Crums" and noticed, once again, that Clegg just barely takes a sip of his beer. I've seen that many times. Is that because Peter didn't drink?
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    Another New Member

    Hello To All! I joined this morning after someone recommended this forum. My name is Nancy and I have been a fan since about 1998. My sister introduced me to the show and I was instantly hooked. Clegg is my very favorite and Seymour is my favorite third man. "Deviations With Davenport", "The...