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  1. Elmc

    Edith Clegg

    In the pilot episode, when our three boys go to change the flowers at Mrs. Clegg's headstone, it appears to read 1900 - 1971. Can someone else check this?
  2. Elmc

    Clegg's House

    How many houses has Clegg had? Does anyone know?
  3. Elmc

    House number 15

    In which episode do we find the number 15 posted for a house ( I think ), but we don't see the house? Nor do we see who resides there. It is a special.
  4. Elmc

    Extras and stuff

    I like seeing the same patrons in the White Horse, especially the lady with the wine or sherry glass. She's 50ish, I'd say and he has glasses. She and her companion are usually on bench seating I think to the left behind the boys. Not always, but usually. Now what have you seen? Also the same...
  5. Elmc


    How about this? In one episode, I think where Nora and Ivy meet at Nora's to discuss what to do about Compo's flirtatious ways, Nora says she never touches sugar, then in a later episode she is scooping it like no tomorrow into her cup at the Caff. Any others?