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    Series 25 & 26 DVD on the Way?

    Re: Series 25 & 26 DVD on the Way? The Green Green Grass series 4 is being released in September, over four years after the series 3 DVD was released, so hopefully the next Summer Wine series will be released eventually.
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    Peter Sallis Book

    I have a spare paperback edition of this book, free to the first* person who sends me a message to ask for it. *I am in the UK, so I can only send it to a UK address as Air Mail is quite expensive. The book is in excellent condition.
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    It is a Sad Day When

    It's a shame. Looks as though the only route would be an appeal for funding from fans, then making the episodes and releasing them on DVD, and then selling the episodes to GOLD, so they wouldn't have to do any work themselves. I expect it would be too expensive to raise the money. :(
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    Article in the Evening Standard about Jay Hunt Killing losw

    At least she's gone now. Would love to know if she jumped or got pushed. ;D
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    New show title

    They could stick with Cooper's Rules.
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    Spin off show talks in progress

    Isn't Jay Hunt going to Channel 4 in the new year? :o She's already left the BBC. Someone else is in temporary charge of BBC One now.
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    Stop That Bath!: BBC4, 8pm, Sunday September 5th

    Last of the Summer Wine Sunday 05 September 8:00pm - 8:30pm BBC4 Stop That Bath! 5/9, series 15 Foggy, Clegg and Compo get into another scrape after Howard asks them to deliver an unusual gift to Marina - a cast iron bath.
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    Is the BBC still Value for Money

    I wish there were more sitcoms on BBC1. There are very few left now. I know a lot of sitcoms are made for 2,3 and 4 but they don't usually appeal to me. They're not my kind of comedy. :(
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    Andrew Vines book & Delays

    Re: Andrew Vines book & Delays Good stuff. Had my copy today. Am enjoying reading it.
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    Andrew Vines book & Delays

    Re: Andrew Vines book & Delays How many did you order? Mine has been sent today. I hope I get it tomorrow. :)
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    Songs of Praise this Sunday

    I hope there's a bit more Summer Wine stuff in this than there was in the Countryfile show.
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    The Very last Episode

    I think ITV might have been hoping to damage the ratings for the final episode. Remember how Who Wants to be a Millionaire got its first £1m winner on the night of One Foot in the Grave's final episode?
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    Andrew Vines book & Delays

    Re: Andrew Vines book & Delays I am a bit unhappy about this. I pre-ordered from Amazon, but they still haven't sent my copy, instead giving priority to recent orders who have been paying extra for the express delivery option.
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    The BBC are really keen to make sure the show does not return

    I'm surprised they've kept the Compo's house set so long. It hasn't been used since they bulit a new version for Alvin. I wonder which version of the Cafe set is up for grabs?
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    Audience figures

    Sunday 25th July BBC One 6.45pm Antiques Roadshow: 4.82m +111,000 on BBC HD 7.30pm Last of the Summer Wine: 4.77m + 143,000 on BBC HD 8.00pm Countryfile: 4.24m (Not simulcast on BBC HD) 9.00pm Sherlock: 7.5m (Including BBC HD) BBC Two 8.00pm Top Gear: 5.8m + 598,000 on BBC HD 9.00pm Coast: 3.2m...
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    Thanks, Scruffy.
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    Episode details 1st August

    I love the bit about the crumbs in the police car. ;D
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    Just Spotted this

    Someone passed the Mail on Sunday to me, so I could read Tom's interview. I have to say I'm more than a little disappointed in him for some of the stuff he revealed. Out of respect for his father, I believe he should have kept some of this stuff private.
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    A glimmer of hope?

    No, I don't work for the BBC. Never have. I understand the concerns are about not having a final episode. I mentioned a final episode in my previous post. Remember, our e-mails/letters to the BBC have been/are going to be read by junior employees who paid no part in the decision to deny the...
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    A glimmer of hope?

    With a trail (yes, a trail!!!) airing for Last of the Summer Wine's new series, plus, it has to be said, a very good timeslot (7.30pm), and weak opposition on ITV1 (Alan Titchmarsh!), I think we could be seeing Summer Wine's best audience figures for some years. So, please, lavish praise on the...